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With a pint in hand and a mischievous grin, Ricky Gervais introduced Mel Gibson at the Golden Globes. As a recipient of the British comedian's now infamous controversial barrage of jokes, perhaps Gibson could've predicted more of the same.

But Gervais actually went one step further than he did six years ago in a cringe-fuelled battle of Hollywood egos.

The result? An awkward and censored stand-off between Gervais and Gibson.

"Thank You Jesus"

In 2010, Gervais poked fun at Gibson's foul mouth and anti-Semitic rant following an arrest for drink driving in 2006 by saying:

"I like a drink as much as the next man. Unless the next man is Mel Gibson.

"Our first presenter is beautiful, talented… and Jewish, apparently. Mel Gibson told me that. He's obsessed."

Not one to miss an opportunity, Gervais gleefully Tweeted his delight when he found out Gibson would be returning to present an award at this year's ceremony:

"It's Embarrassing For Both Of Us"

Gervais didn't hold back
Gervais didn't hold back

In reference to the earlier events, Gervais's introduction was far from conciliatory. He said:

"A few years ago, on this show, I made a joke about Mel Gibson, getting a bit drunk, and saying a few unsavoury things. We’ve all done it. I wasn’t judging him. But now I find myself in the awkward position of having to introduce him again.

"Listen, I’m sure it’s embarrassing for both of us, and I blame NBC for this terrible situation. Mel, blames, we know who Mel blames."

When Gibson arrived on stage, Gervais removed his drink from the podium and ran away from the Braveheart actor, before Gibson retorted that he "loved" seeing Gervais every three years as it reminded him to get a "colonoscopy."

"Sugar T*ts"

The pair embraced awkwardely
The pair embraced awkwardely

Not missing an opportunity to have the last laugh, Gervais returned to stage, embraced Gibson awkwardly and uttered the sweet question on everybody's lips, which although censored, could clearly be lip read:

"What the f*ck is sugar t*ts?"

If comedy can be defined partly by pushing boundaries, Gervais has definitely come out on top. Gibson, left looking forlorn and lost for words, soldiered on and brushed off the quip by saying:

"I don’t know, ask the guy who said it – it wasn’t me. Ah. Thanks Ricky for your input."


Source: Telegraph


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