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Last night all of Hollywood's finest had one thing in common: The Golden Globes. And as every celeb in the game made their way towards that pristine red carpet, many of them took the time to share a little behind-the-scenes with us mere mortals. Because a) they're nice like that, and b) we lap it up.

So, without further ado, here's a round up of our favorite celebrity social media moments of 2016's Golden Globes:

1. Rachel Bloom proves the struggle is real

2. STAHP ITTTT. Viola Davis, you are too much

3. Get in line, DeGeneres

4. Even Liev Schreiber knows that Selena Gomez is a pre-game must

5. N'awwwwwwwwwwwww. Bryce, you cutie!

6. Cher knows

7. Move over Taylor Swift, America Ferrera just gave us a squad we'd actually want to be in

8. Just Rebel Wilson, burnin' the house down

9. Wendy Williams, YAS KWEEN

P.S If you missed their presenting double act then, a) shame on you, and b) sort it out:

10. You're still a winner to us, Julia Louis-Dreyfus!

11. Katy Perry tried to eat Eva Longoria

12. Bow down, bitches. Bow down

13. Kate Hudson, Jennifer Lopez and Lady Gaga, or just simply 'The Girls,' keepin' it causal

14. Olivia, behave!

15. Kate Bosworth in that dress, though

Source: Buzzfeed, NY Daily


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