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Whenever Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet collide at any red carpet event, our hearts leap for joy. Not only because they ooze incredible talent and are generally wonderful humans, but because of all the niggling nostalgia feels we get from seeing them together.

After all, they brought to life perhaps one of the best love stories in recent decades in their infamous roles as Rose and Jack in Titanic. And at the Golden Globes last Sunday night, they proved that even after all these years (almost two decades on!), they still haven't let go. Here's the weep-worthy movie moment that sunk our hearts right to the bottom of the Atlantic ocean with Jack Dawson back in 1997:

Both Hollywood stars attended the award ceremony, where they both won big amongst an array of some of the biggest stars in the business. While Winslet scooped up the Best Supporting Actress gong for her role as Joanna Hoffman in Steve Jobs, DiCaprio beamed down at the audience as he collected the Best Actor accolade for The Revenant.

Winslet in Steve Jobs & DiCaprio in The Revenant
Winslet in Steve Jobs & DiCaprio in The Revenant

Yet, the best bit was to come later when the two on-screen lovers were caught in an affectionate exchange on the red carpet as they greeted each other and gushed over the prestigious wins -- from the looks of things, Leo's very apt reaction is simply "oh my god!"

Ultimately, you can't deny that every time Kate and Leo are even in the same room together, the world collectively weeps tears of joy and has a meltdown. I mean, just look at this absolute treasure of a moment:

Understandably, everyone also took to Twitter to express their overwhelming happiness at this nostalgic Rose and Jack reunion. This is what some of the spectators had to say:

Here's the precious Titanic moment that showed Kate greeting her old friend in full -- trust me, it's enough to even melt the coldest of hearts this January winter:



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