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Denzel Washington might have won the Cecil B. DeMille in honor for his extraordinary contributions to the entertainment world, but the Twittersphere seemed to think the 61-year-old actor's smoking hot son was just as interesting.

Of course, fans of HBO's Ballers will already be well acquainted with John David Washington's aesthetically pleasing visage, but for those less fortunate, here is a peek of the man himself below.

Despite the fact that John managed to steal the spotlight just by hovering on the edge of the shot, no camera man had the foresight to zoom in a little more on his strong tux game, but there are a few tidbits for us to nibble on.

Although there might not be much footage from The Golden Globes for budding John David Washington fans to swoon over, there are plenty of snaps from Ballers, but previous fans don't seem too keen to share their eye candy...

Check out John in action in the clip below:

Whatever you think of Washington Jr., the Internet's fervor toward him is as untamable as his beard and below are some of the most thirsty Twitter reactions to the up and coming star:

(Source: US Weekly)


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