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While La La Land was busy reaping rewards and Jimmy Fallon was busy blundering, the red carpet was busy flaunting the most bodacious beasts the fashion industry has to offer. Like every year — and like the award process itself — there were plenty of winners, losers and wtf-ers, and we've listed them all below for your judging pleasure. You're welcome!

1. Emma Stone

Oozed dreamy La La Land fairy feels.

2. Natalie Portman

Jackie Kennedy nod, Fabergé egg or salt shaker chic. You decide.

3. Ruth Negga

Futuristic sporty fembot FTW.

4. Amy Adams

Was a sultry space panther.

5. Michelle Williams

Grandma said you can keep the net curtains babes because someway, somehow, this works.

6. Jessica Chastain

It's elegant. It's got flowers on it. It's fine.

7. Meryl Streep

Streep could wear a bin liner and still be a queen, tbh.

8. Lily Collins

This look is 100% Disney princess meets toilet doily and I LOVE it.

9. Zoe Salanda

Um. Have the fairy godmothers been fighting again?

[Credit: Instagram x Walt Disney]
[Credit: Instagram x Walt Disney]

10. Busy Phillips

Busy looks F.R.E.S.H as a daisy in this McCartney gown!

See also:

11. Viola Davis

Who knew that a one-shoulder dress crafted entirely out of yellow sequins could slay this hard?

12. Evan Rachel Wood

Everyone else can just pack up and go home tbh. She wins.

13. Claire Foy

Josie Grossy called, she wants her prom dress back.

14. Reese Witherspoon

Looked demure AF.

15. Gwendoline Christie

Just looked nekkid.

16. Sarah Jessica Parker

SJP's Carrie Fisher tribute should have stayed in a galaxy far, far away.

17. Nicole Kidman

It's kind of like Miss Havisham got in a fight with a swan and lost.

18. Blake Lively

Opted for sexy Star Trek.

19. Jessica Biel

Only Jessica Biel could pull off a low cut, geometric gown with 3D flowered hips and make it look this good.

20. Riley Keough

Is it just me or does Riley's Chanel dress render you severely cross-eyed?

21. Felicity Jones


22. Millie Bobby Brown

Not quite 11/10, but Millie's dress is pretty darn close.

23. Drew Barrymore

Zelda Fitzgerald eat your heat out.

24. Kristen Bell

Got dipped in a bucket of oil and came out looking slick AF.

25. Priyanka Chopra

Looked like a human Golden Globe trophy (in the best kind of way).

26. Maisie Williams

Looked freshly hatched.

27. Sophie Turner

So bad it's good? Or so good it's bad? Or? Help!

28. Olivia Culpo

She's like a walking Gustav Klimt painting and yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes.

29. Sarah Paulson

This woman can do no wrong. Plus the gown is backless. Phwoar.

30. Anna Kendrick

Hopefully the armpit tit look will not be hot in 2017.

31. Brie Larson


32. Winona Ryder

You can take the girl out of Lydia Deetz...

33. Sophia Vergara

Went as a figure skating phoenix.

34. Gal Gadot

Payed tribute to 2002.

35. Heidi Klum

Napped on velcro strips before taking to the red carpet.

36. Kristen Wiig

Lost to Michelle Williams.

37. Gillian Anderson

Always got that X-Factor.

38. Isabelle Huppert

Party on the top, Ghost perfume bottle on the bottom.

39. Carrie Underwood

Bloomin' beauty or voluminous vulva?

Any looks you love, hate or love-hate? Let us know in the comments!


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