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Christmas presents infinite opportunities to find yourself in a heated debate with your other half. Lack of cash could be one reason, having to spend a significant time with the in-laws being another, getting the turkey's oven time wrong a potential third. I've been subjected to full-on rants in the past regarding the appropriate placement of tinsel on the tree (which is everywhere, btw), and once for being forced to watch Cars four times in a row because of tiny, demanding companions.

What I can't imagine getting in a fierce festive fisticuffs over, however, is Hilary Duff. But then again, I'm not a member of the Lester family from Elkhorn City, Kentucky. Because in their household, a fight over the American actress and singer is totally passable, happened, and resulted in fourth-degree domestic violence.

26-year-old Brandi M. Lester was taken to jail just before New Year's Eve following an argument over whether or not Hilary Duff was the actress starring in a commercial she was watching with husband, Ethan Lester. Brandi was later arrested on charges of domestic abuse and violence after allegedly biting her husband on the face, an act which Ethan passes off as a 'simple misunderstanding.'

Brandi M. Lester
Brandi M. Lester

Talking to local news station WYMT he explained,

"Me and my wife are on edge, as most families are around the holidays. I'm unemployed at the moment. I guess it just took one simple misunderstanding."

He also claimed that he only called the police for fear that wife Brandi "may hurt herself."

Sergeant Kevin Belcher of the Pike County Sheriff’s Department confirmed the attack to US Weekly,

"He had a bite mark on his chin. He has a beard and he pulled the beard back and he had a bruise or a bite mark on his chin, a scratch on his face and some scratches on his neck. He told me that she had also thrown some stuff at him.... That stuff was broken all over the living room."

Over Hilary Duff?

The couple has been ordered to not talk to one another until their court date in March 2016.

Hilary Duff has not commented on this bizarre happening, probably because she's currently busy promoting the second season premiere of Younger, in which she stars alongside Sutton Foster.

Younger premieres Jan.13th on TVLand.

Source: ET, US


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