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Leonardo DiCaprio has plenty of reasons to celebrate after his golden night that could kick off an extremely successful awards season. At this year's Golden Globes, he took home the trophy for Best Actor in a Drama Motion Picture, which has firmly placed him as the frontrunner in this year's Academy Awards race.

Yet, despite the fact that Oscar glory is more likely than ever before, most people are more focused on the cringe-worthy moment when his named was called. He goes to fist bump a guy at his table, but all he gets are open palms.

We've all had this happen before

Luckily for us, it was never captured on live TV and then immediately put online for all the world to enjoy. Leo quickly recovered and headed right to the stage, and maybe these guys were just playing a quick game of rock-paper-scissors.

Either way, it was a moment that stuck out last night, but it wasn't the only awkward run-in to befall the leading man of The Revenant.

As Lady Gaga accepted her award, Leo had an amazingly expressive reaction

We wrote about this wonderful moment earlier, but it's just so funny it's worth reliving. You can see him go through an array of feelings as Gaga pretty mich forces his arm out of the way, so, of course, this was also immortalized for immediate internet notoriety.

Let's enhance for an even closer view

I hereby hope that it's actually Leonardo DiCaprio's performance as himself at the Golden Globes that ends up winning him the Oscar because this and the handshake are truly glorious.

Still, Leo can wipe away any awkward tears with his shiny new statue

And he's probably taking solace in the fact that the best indicator of an Oscar win is nabbing awards from other associations. With this Golden Globe, he's sitting pretty and will probably just go for a hug the next time his name is called.

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