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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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It's that time again, folks. Another season of American Horror Story draws to a close and we're revving up for a grand ol' finale. Check out the promo for the final episode of American Horror Story: Hotel, 'Be Our Guest.'

Hopefully this episode will satisfactorily tie up all of those loose ends: what happened to Ramona Royale after her erotic encounter with The Countess? Can the Addiction Demon ever be destroyed? And where the hell is Alex Lowe?

We'll have to wait for Wednesday night to answer those questions, but here are 8 things we can confirm based on the promo for the finale.

***Potential spoilers: all events are taken solely from the official promo***

1. Be Our Guest!

Another couple of visitors rock up to the Cortez... probably for a very, very long time! They have this little conversation with Iris:

Iris: Welcome to the Hotel Cortez

Guest: What is that pungent odor?

Blood, corpses, poppers... you name it.

2. CSI: Hotel

Another falls to their death from the Hotel Cortez, but all Iris is worried about is the Hotel's reviews on Trip Advisor:

"The spirits keep killin' the guests... we're gonna have zero stars."

3. Chain Chain Chain

A prisoner in shackles shuffles their feet. Perhaps this is a throwback to the earlier episode 'Devil's Night' that featured so many real life serial killers?

4. The Countess has a new plaything?

After being confined to the Hotel Cortez for the rest of eternity, The Countess is entitled to a little fun. It seems she's after another dark-haired, chisel-jawed lover, who is seen in the promo naively wondering:

"This place is supposed to be haunted, right?"

5. Sally gets her hands on John again

He doesn't look terribly happy about it, either.

6. Another of The Countess's Exes Come to Play

The Countess's ex-lover Natacha Rambova is shriveled, angry and hella hungry.

7. Is that Scarlet Lowe?

We haven't seen little Scarlet Lowe for a long time, and it's a little late for her parents to finally decide they give a crap about her. This looks very much like her on the mortician's slab, but it might be one of The Countess's kids who sacrificed themselves for her.

8. Oh dear, Sally.

The Addiction Demon gets his waxy hands on Hypodermic Sally and it looks as if the dreaded drill-bit dildo will also make an appearance... Well, it wouldn't be American Horror Story without a bit of disturbing content, right?

What do you think will happen in the American Horror Story: Hotel finale? Mr. March demands that 'the killing must stop!' but that seems very unlikely...

Source: FX, Youtube


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