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Hold the press! Bryce Dallas Howard attended the Golden Globes last night wearing an off-the-rack dress she bought herself! Can you believe it?

Yeah, so can we, this is a woman who ran her way through Jurassic World in heels, after all!

However, the news comes as a surprise to some. Probably because we're so used to celebs commanding their own entourage of stylists that the idea of one venturing outside to pick up their own gown is legitimately news.

So, it's quite refreshing then, when you hear that one of Hollywood's starlets doesn't bow-down to such diva-like tendencies (though admittedly I totally would), and is actually fairly normal.

Talking to E! News on the red carpet, Howard explained:

“I’m wearing Jenny Packham. I just picked it up this week.”

To which reporter Rancic asked, and then double checked,

“You picked it up yourself?”
“You went and bought it yourself?”

*Confused face*

“Yeah, because I like having lots of options for a size 6 as opposed to one option. I always go to different department stores. You know how it is!”

Yeah, we know how it is, Bryce!

Source: Us Weekly


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