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If you haven't noticed, the Internet has been pretty Star Wars-centric ever since The Force Awakens was released. In addition to reinvigorating our love of the franchise, it also awakened the creative sides of some truly talented people.

The cosplayer Alhon created this awesome Kylo Ren costume in honor of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens release last month.

According to his Facebook page, it took Alhon a few sleepless nights of pleating and gluing, and quite more than a handful of the fabrics from the store to complete his look.

A month and a half, a number of late nights, enough money that I can't say how much, and 11 full POUNDS of fabric later, Kylo Ren is done and ready for the premier on Thursday!

After completing the costume, he took advantage of the cold weather and achieved the look of the Starkiller Base. And, believe it or not, the pictures were taken with a camera phone!

There's no editing on these at all. We were careful to get the actual composition of the colors right in real life, because all we had to shoot with at the time was a camera phone. So the colors are either from the environment, the weapon, or reflecting off of the fairly heavily falling snow.

With crafting and design skills on his side, I might be convinced to join the Dark Side of The Force.

(Source: Facebook, Fashionably Geek)


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