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With its trademark relaxed atmosphere and extensive booze selection, the Golden Globes offers actors the chance to relax and let their hair down (while still being impeccably dressed with cameras in their faces on live TV). Compared to the more traditional award shows like the Emmys and the Oscars, the Golden Globes are a little looser and more carefree.

As such, some of the most authentic speeches come out of that special night, and 2016's Golden Globes was no exception. Here are some of the most inspirational words to come off that stage (in under 29 seconds).

Leonardo DiCaprio

Oh, Leo. I think this may finally be your year! He took home the trophy for Best Actor in a Drama thanks to his grueling and unrelenting performance in The Revenant. Aside from the obvious celebration in the room (as if he were finally winning that Oscar), Leo offered a genuine tribute to all the First Nation people who were represented in the film.

Rachel Bloom

One of the most shocking wins of the night occurred in the Best Actress in a TV Comedy category with Rachel Bloom taking home the trophy. Conventional wisdom predicted that Julia Louis-Dreyfus was a lock, but the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star endeared herself to a whole new group of fans with one emotional speech.

Sylvester Stallone

With eloquence and heart, Sylvester Stallone gave a touching shout-out to his make-believe best friend, Rocky Balboa. The only thing that could stop me from tearing up was a guttural yell of "Adrian!"

Gael García Bernal

There's nothing better than actual shock when it comes to a major win, and you could just tell that Gael García Bernal was not expecting to take home a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Comedy TV Series that night. As much as I wanted Jeffrey Tambor to win, I couldn't deny that this speech hit me right in the gut with its heartfelt message.

Ridley Scott

I love anyone who can mention Star Wars and totally disregard the "wrap up" music. Sometimes Ridley Scott is an absolute treasure, and you can add this Best Picture, Comedy win for The Martian to that list.

Taraji P. Henson

Talk about carefree! Taraji P. Henson led her acceptance speech with doling out cookies to some fellow performers before making her way to the stage. Then, when the Best Actress in a Drama Series winner started seeing the clock tick down, she stood her ground and proclaimed, "I waited 20 years for this!" Stick it to the man, Cookie!

Lady Gaga

I'm a huge Fargo fan, and I think Kirsten Dunst turned in the best performance of her career in its second season. Still, I felt moved by Lady Gaga's speech for Best Actress in a Miniseries or Television Film. The pop star who is normally so deliberate and performative in her actions was visibly shaken by the honor, and every part of her dripped with appreciation. American Horror Story: Hotel may have opened the door for a whole new actress Gaga, and this might be one of many future awards.


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