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Good OR Bad?

Is Backdraft one of the best or one of the worst movies you've ever seen? Yes its a oldie but its one of the last good firefighting movies. Today we have "Chicago Fire", and previously we had " Rescue Me " and " The Third Watch ", Rescue me was just a drama and really didn't show anything that really happened in the Fire House or what emotions Firefighters have, all they had in common was they had turnout gear and a fire truck with red lights and a siren. The Third Watch was great! It showed some of the everyday struggles and showed calls that people would never think of but do happen. Now today we have Chicago Fire, a " Over Dramatized Soap Opera " again all there is, is sex, drama, now it is a step up from Rescue Me it has more calls and more realistic calls, yet some of that stuff just isn't real.

Backdraft is the same in ways but different in others, It has that love, drama but it shows the inter workings of a fire dept and what makes it go round. And at the same time has some of the real situations firefighters may encounter, now yes the fire isn't real nor are the back drafts in the slightest but in this writers opinion it does represent the fire service in a unique way. It shows the heart wrenching work fire investigators must do but also how it feels too catch a " Fire Bug " and the troubles every firefighter has everyday. Also its just a great and entertaining moving in this My Opinion.

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