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What happens when you combine Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, Domhnall Gleeson, and the director of Birdman? An incredible Oscar-worthy film with brilliant cinematography and acting, that's what! The Revenant is an amazing story about survival and revenge, with precise detail to both the acting and the surrounding landscape. With a film like this, there are more than a few amazing facts to know about the world behind the scenes.

1. Leo Ate Real Raw Meat!

Leonardo DiCaprio took method acting to a whole new level for The Revenant. He had to learn ancient healing techniques, he studied two Native American languages, and he actually ate real raw bison liver, even though he's a vegetarian. DiCaprio has called it the hardest performance of his career!

2. Snowy Switch-Up

Most of the film was shot in Canada to obtain the perfect atmosphere. Unfortunately, the film got little bit behind schedule, and the snow started to melt. They ended up finishing shooting in southern Argentina.

3. Early Iterations

Before Iñárritu directed the film, it was almost made by two other directors. Chan-wook Park wanted to make the film and cast Samuel L. Jackson as the lead role, and John Hillcoat wanted to direct with Christian Bale starring.

4. Name Change

The Revenant is based on the real story of Hugh Glass and his path to revenge. However, only Hugh Glass and Bridger were actual historical figures. The rest of the characters had their names changed.

5. Outdoors Over Apple

DiCaprio was initially offered the titular role in the movie Steve Jobs. He turned down the role in order to appear in The Revenant, and Michael Fassbender took the lead instead.

6. Several Stunts

Jacob Tomuri worked as Tom Hardy's stunt double for the third time in The Revenant. He previously stood in for Hardy in Mad Max: Fury Road and Legend.

7. On-Set Skirmish

When Alejandro G. Iñárritu, the director of the film, told Tom Hardy about all the stunts he had to do, Hardy was a little concerned over the safety hazards. In response, Iñárritu allowed Tom Hardy to choke him out. The image of Hardy choking Iñárritu was then put on a t-shirt that was given to the crew.

8. Close Casting Call

Though anyone who has seen the movie can say that Tom Hardy did a magnificent job playing John Fitzgerald, Sean Penn was actually the first one cast for the part. Hardy got the role after Penn had to drop out over scheduling conflicts.

These amazing facts only barely touch the surface on the intensity and the brutality of The Revenant. The Revenant is a masterclass in both cinematography and acting, and is undoubtedly a must-see film!

'The Revenant' is in theaters now!


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