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This is my 1st time blogging...So hold off on the pitchforks and torches! I'll be discussing games and movies in my blogs! Enjoy !!!!
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Over the last 5 years, American Horror Story has provided viewers with chilling horror stories and cast members that we all (well most of us) have come to love. My personal favorite being Season 2 (Asylum) and Sister Jude as my favorite character! What could possibly be in the works for Season 6 of AHS (American Horror Story)? Here are my 5 themes I would like to see in the upcoming seasons of American Horror Story...

1. American Horror Story: Zoo

Theme: Zookeepers are starting to go missing and the animals are getting hungrier. AHS: Zoo, takes you into a closer look of the dark side of a zoo. This should be as appetizing for viewers as it is for the animals ;)

Setting: 1950's - Present Time

Location: Bronx Zoo

2. American Horror Story: Casino

Theme: All bets are off in AHS: Casino. Cheaters, hustlers and gold diggers will all be exposed and the stakes are high! Let's just say bets are not the only thing cast members will be losing in the Casino.

Setting: 40's-Present Time

Location: Las Vegas or Atlantic City

3. American Horror Story: Saloon

Theme: Yeee Hawww! AHS: Saloon takes you beyond the gunslingers and the robberies of the Wild West! Saloon will show you the lives of those in a small Wild West town in Texas, where bandits and rattlesnakes are the least of their concern! The Indians want their homeland back....

Setting: 1800's

Location: Wild West

4. American Horror Story- Alcatraz (nothing like Asylum)

Theme: Home of the deadliest criminals during the early 1900's, AHS: Alcatraz takes you into the prison where once you come in, you never come out. Well...maybe for some the story might be a little different!

Setting: 1920's - Present Time

Location: San Francisco

5. American Horror Story: Showtime

Theme: Lights, Camera, Horror! AHS: Showtime is full of Hollywood's biggest stars and the journey it took them to get to the big stage! But, their journey is not so pleasant...their auditions will be to die to for...Literally!

Setting: 70's- Present Time

Location: Hollywood

Hope you guys like my 1st blog! Let me know what you think and comment below.


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