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David Bowie Dies! 5 Celebrity Deaths, what do they have in Common?

1. David Bowie dies at 69! We mourn the passing of the latest and greatest David Bowie. He sang into many hearts! The particular song was China Girl... I remember it, like it was yesterday.

He was seductive... not only to Jennifer Connelly ( Sara). He was magnetically, magically, and mystified us all as an audience too! The Famous Goblin King!


He had cancer for 18 months...the public and many others were unaware. I would rather spend quality time with my family in peace, than having my privacy violated again. Good call David! Please be respectful to his family!

2. Natalie Cole dies on Dec. 31, 2015 at age 65 years. A rare lung disease claimed her life. She has battled with hepatitis and kidney problems...along with addiction. She is reunited with her late father Nat King Cole R.I.P.

3. "Lemmy" Kilmister, bassist of Motorhead died of cancer on Dec. 28, 2015. He was age 70. He too battled with drugs and alcohol. His family is still grieving...please be respectful to all the families dealing with their painful loss!

4. Brooke McCarter, the Lost Boys actor died on Dec. 22, 2015 at age 52! He had an illness he was battling with, that eventually took his life. He is the second star of the movie, who has died young! R.I.P Corey Haim

All these 5 Celebrities were highly talented! I am sure their hearts and minds were as special to their families and to what was shown to the world.

The underlying cause for drug and alcohol habits of celebrities are unknown to me. The ages of death are still too young! I guess reckless behaviors, can sentence you to life in a casket, sadly. It might not be the main reason for deaths in Hollywood. It's a part of a group of things, that can cause cancer and other diseases. Take care of yourself and health!

That does raise some questions...all these stars are dropping off, like flys? I am sure... I will notice something on the internet about numerology and conspiracy theories. I'm not knocking is interesting the unknown, it's a very intriguing book of mysteries. Thanks for stopping by!


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