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"I think you and I are destined to do this forever." These are the remarks said to Batman from the Joker in The Dark Knight. Next week, we get a look at the second trailer for the upcoming Suicide Squad. Task Force X had been portrayed on Arrow, and the results left something to desire. This article will ask the tough questions, "Huh!?", yes it will Harley! How much do we really want to see the Joker? What will be the bigger ramifications to the DC Universe this movie will contribute? The brains at DC are swinging for the fence, and I for one think it was a smart move to beat Marvel to a movie full of bad people!

At the time of writing this article, we are six months (SIX, yes Joker, nope seven, thanks) away from David Ayer's parody of Taylor Swift's squad. The trailer blew up at Comic-Con in July, and recently a new photo was released of what looks like the true squad in action. Also, Umberto Gonzalez from Heroic Hollywood has written a comprehensive description of the second trailer, which I will take in account. Do we want Harley Quinn to be an anti-hero, or just crazy at first?

You know what they say about the crazy one?

Her jacket says 'Property of the Joker! Jeepers
Her jacket says 'Property of the Joker! Jeepers

She was going places, or was she? Her obsession with the Clown Prince of Crime, has always made me wonder, did the Joker create, or just unleash her? She is a psychology major, with her residency being at Arkham Asylum - ( I am not 100% sure, but this is a logical assumption due to the comics) and she is without a doubt a different kind-of-villain. I for one have never been abused by a man (Some girl said I cheated, and she started hitting me, good news, I did not lose my Jordans') - and her abusive relationship with that douche, will create a sympathetic character. Her story will shine a light on a part of our society that has been taboo in other superhero movies. Due to her popularity, (and her kindness as Dr.Harleen Quinzell) she will emerge from this movie as an anti-hero - and hopefully praying to the new gods at DC, with a Poison-Ivy team-up!

How much will Batman's role factor in the movie?

Let's assume that Batman has been Batman for about twenty years (Zack Snyder has said that he is around 46, and in Year One he was about 25 when started as the cape crusader) - and the events of Suicide Squad takes place prior to Dawn of Justice. What I really want to see is Bruce Wayne visiting the Joker at Arkham - with the Joker's teeth recently smashed. Also I am very intrigued on how the Dark Knight will view Ms.Quinn? Will Batman gaze upon her with a sympathetic eye, or ooze hatred with her role as the Joker's accomplice? I think Batman's role will be uniting the villains, with the common denominator of hatred for the bat of Gotham (the newly released photos, they're all essentially Batman's rogues). In the recent TV spot of Dawn of Justice. it looks like Bruce is well acquainted with Lex Luthor - and in recent comments from Luthor, can we expect further elaboration on their relationship?

Who is the big bad?

You're makin' it hard.... to stay good!
You're makin' it hard.... to stay good!

Can Cara Delevigne send us over the moon with her performance? How do you stay faithful in a room full of villains (right Kanye)? In their own right, each character could be considered a big bad, except Katana and Rick Flag. This is the appeal of this movie (besides who dies) that villains will have to rise above certain death. If you send theses miscreants out in the world. you better believe it is something dire. I would like to see Enchantress helping our anti-heroes, with some bumps in the road (could a demon disarm bombs in one's neck?). So that leaves the Joker - escaping from Arkham to terrorize Gotham, with a newly resurrected Batman.

Let me remind you, we do not know how long it has been since the events of Man of Steel. The reason why I believe Suicide Squad takes place prior to Dawn of Justice; this allows a greater depth to dive in to DCEU - and explore the myths, without annoying flashbacks (except Harley's). I could be wrong on all accounts, but this is what I want to see! This also could setup Batman working with the villains, and that would be more insane than the Joker's hair color.

Oh really Joker
Oh really Joker

How does it setup the DCEU?

Suicide Squad could theoretically do a lot of the heavy-lifting in forming the DC universe. A couple of well place Easter eggs from Amanda Waller - and you now have backstories to accompany the heroes, without Dawn of Justice being too overcrowded. There's only one more movie after this to setup the Justice League. I would love to hear mentions of the heroes greatest villains. This could set the tone for future installments down the road.


I cannot wait until either one of DC's movies to hit theaters! Suicide Squad hopefully will have the goods to surprise us all come August 6, 2016! Batman v Superman hits theaters on March 25, 2016!


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