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We live in an era of heroes, of men of steel stopping the collapse of buildings and armoured billionaires flying into vortexes to stop a devastating alien invasion. We have all come to believe that it is these heroics that define our heroes. But, not all heroes wear a mask or capes, some heroes became heroes because faith destined them to be. They may have not wanted to be such icons, they may not have wanted to be known as the chosen ones, but, I believe that these 6 teenagers have earned the right to be called heroes of a generation:

Tris Prior

  • Name: Tris Prior
  • Series: The Divergent Series
  • Special Title: Divergent
  • Why she's a hero: Raised in a world separated by skill and where individuality is frowned upon, Tris uncovers the lies and conspiracies the society she has grown up in was built upon. Chemist fight in an attempt to give her friends and family an opportunity of true freedom.


  • Name: Thomas
  • Series: The Maze Runner trilogy
  • Special Title: Runner
  • Why he's a hero: Initially being the bad guy of the series(sort-of), causing and inflicting torment and pain on test subjects in the form of a maze, Thomas learns from his actions and instead leads the battle for these poor children's escape and the eventual surviving of the scorch trials.


  • Name: Katniss Everdeen
  • Series: The Hunger Games
  • Special Title: The Girl on Fire
  • Why she's a hero: having been forced to volunteer for the horrible Hunger Games in an attempt to protect her sister from becoming yet another of the Capital's victims. She unwillingly becomes the symbol of a rebellion aimed to free her country from tyranny. Thrust into a war she wished to be no part of, Katniss does the impossible and fights for what she believes in to protect those she loves.

Harry Potter

  • Name: Harry Potter
  • Series: Harry Potter
  • Special Title: The Boy Who Lived
  • Why he's a Hero: Having been the only person to ever survive the Dark Lord's killing curse, at one year of age Harry Potter was already a hero for most in the Wizarding World. However, as the Dark Lord makes an unexpected return and the Wizarding World is brought to its knees, Harry had to sacrifice his own life to finally, and permanently, rid the world from the treacherous rule of Lord Voldemort.

Clary Fray

  • Name: Clary Fray
  • Series: The Mortal Instruments/ Shadowhunters
  • Special Title: Shadowhunter
  • Why she's a hero: Born in a world kept secret from the world she was raised in, Clary must save her mother and defeat her cruel father who desires to cause the genocide of all Downworlders. Forced to come to terms with bloodline, Clary must save the world that has abandoned and tormented her because of her parentage.

Percy Jackson

  • Name: Percy Jackson
  • Series: Percy Jackson and the Olympians
  • Special Title: Son of one of the Big Three
  • Why he's a hero: Percy had always been an underdog but when, it was revealed that he possessed the awesome powers of the god of the sea, Poseidon, all that changed. But, like they say, with great power comes great responsibility. Along with his powers Percy also learns of a prophecy that claims that when he turns 16 the will determine whether Olympus will fall or continue to live on. Because the lives of so many rest on his shoulders he must rise above the rest to prevent this from happening. Percy Jackson was born to be a hero.

There will always be heroes in the world. They will come in many shapes and sizes but, for me, these are the individuals that built my childhood and no matter how old their stories may become they will forever be heroes in my heart.


Who is your hero?


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