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I like the majority of where this film is going. Is that the feeling of the rest of the world? NOPE. Here is an idiotic reason idiots already hate this film, which has yet to be released. Let's get down to business.

Batman Uses Guns (Oh the world is over!)

Yeah I'm not a huge fan of Batman using firearms either. Notice, though, how I say firearms, not guns. See, Bats has used projectile weapons for years. Especially in the movies.

However, not all of these "guns" are lethal killing devices, and it would really seem that Bats has more a problem with the act of killing than the shape of a gun.

In fact I don't think Batman ever intends to kill anyone. He knows going up against someone as indestructible as Superman means bringing out his "big guns". Lethal translated to Superman, means deterrent. So anyway, what is Batman using?

Grenade Launcher

Yep, you heard right. Not some toy. This Batman means business and especially in this new world of super powered beings, a grenade launcher really doesn't seem enough.

Here Bats fights Superman. He's wielding his grenade launcher. Now does anyone really think that weapon will do jack to Superman? Yeah, I thought not. But it gives Batman an edge, be it small.

Take a deeper look at this image. Wonder Woman has super powers, yet is also armed with a sword, shield and lasso. I imagine that's also armor she's wearing. Superman has every power known to man, so I think he's set accessory wise. Than we have Batman: A human man who has no powers whatsoever. Only those which technology provides him. They are all going up against this:

So, yeah. I'd say Batman is required to bring some lethal accessories to compensate for his very human stature, compared to his allies.

But then we move on to this:

Oh no! Batman's going to snipe someone! While we don't yet know what this scene revolves around, I be willing to bet that it's just another callback to The Dark Knight Returns, which to be honest I'm getting a little sick of hearing about.

It's a grapple gun, folks. So relax and please stop the nitpicking of things you don't understand. Batman won't use guns in a killing fashion. If he does than I guess I'll be eating my words come March 25th 2016 when Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice premiers.


Will Batman use guns to kill?


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