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The only thing I know about this movie as of now without doing really any research or anything, is that Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock is going to be playing Black Adam in this movie. Here's some history on this superhero and Black Adam.

Captain Marvel/Shazam has been fighting crime on the comic book pages for over eight decades! Hehas been one of DC Comics’ most popular characters since the 1970s. This specific movie will mark Shazam’s full-length theatrical debut after years of appearances in cartoons, video games, TV series and even appearances in animated films.

Captain Marvel / Shazam

This character was created in 1939 by artist C. C. Beck and writer Bill Parker, and first appeared in Whiz Comics #2 in February of 1940. Captain Marvel is the alter ego of Billy Batson. A boy who speaks the magic word "Shazam", transforms himself into a costumed adult with the powers of superhuman speed, strength, and many other abilities. Captain Marvel/Shazam comics were the most popular during the 1940's, even outselling Superman.

Fawcett Comics stopped publishing Captain Marvel-related comics in 1953, mostly because of a copyright infringement suit from DC Comics. This suit alleged that Captain Marvel was a copy of Superman. In 1972, DC licensed the Marvel Family characters from Fawcett and returned them to publication, acquiring all rights to the characters in1991. DC has since integrated Captain Marvel and the Marvel Family into their DC Universe and have attempted to revive the property many times. Due to trademark conflicts over another character named "Captain Marvel" owned by Marvel Comics since 1967.

DC chose to publish the character's adventures under the comic book Shazam! for many years, leading many to assume that this was the character's name. DC renamed the character "Shazam" in 2011, as they were relaunching the comic book.

Black Adam

Thousands of years before Billy Batson became Captain Marvel/Shazam, the ancient wizard Shazam chose somebody else to be his champion. That person was Kahndaqian (previously Egyptian) Teth-Adam. Adam also shouts "Shazam!" to turn into his superpowered form, but the letters in the word represent the Egyptian gods: S for the Stamina of Shu; H for the Swiftness of Heru; A for the Strength of Amon; Z for the Wisdom of Zehuti; A for the Power of Anon and M for the Courage of Mehen. At the time where he becomes corrupted by his power, he is banished for thousands of years until he is finally freed from his confinement in the present. Originally in the pre-New 52 universe, Adam’s descendant Theo Adam said, "Shazam!" to transform into Black Adam,

Black Adam was originally written as a typical super villain bent on world domination, over the years he was later changed into an anti-hero who wanted to be a good hero and do what's best for the people. Let's just say his methods are more brutal than what most superheroes are comfortable with. This is most likely the personality we will see in the movie. Dwayne Johnson has stated that like the New 52 version, the DC Comics Universe Black Adam will be a former slave. He will most likely be a "bad guy" only in the sense that he will battling the protagonist, to be classified as evil though, would just be wrong. Enduring tragedy and hardship, he feels somebody must pay.

There is a lot more information on the Captain Marvel/Shazam character, for further reference you can wiki him. Now you guys can enjoy the fan-made trailer for the upcoming Captain Marvel/Shazam movie that I created last year. Enjoy and comment everyone!

Information gathered from the Captain Marvel/Shazam Wikipedia and Cinemablend

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