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I Love the Pixar movie Inside Out
Inside Out

Best Picture

I was hoping that Mad Max won Best Motion Picture Drama but The Revenant was a good choice. I was going to see it this month. It also won Best Director and Best Actor. I was so glad The Martian won Best Motion Picture Comedy or Musical, but come on it is not a Comedy. And come on Inside Out was not even nominated for Best Picture

Best Director

I was hoping that George Miller would win this or at least Ridley Scott but I was satisfied with Alejandro G. Inarritu winning

Best Screenplay

Seriously Steve Jobs won, That movie was not even that good. Inside Out was not even nominated for this award. I was hoping Room or Spotlight would win.

Best Animated Feature

I was screaming with joy (pun intended) when this won Inside Out is the Best Animated Feature of the year. Honestly I had already predicted it would win. But I did like all the movies nominated except Anomalisa because I haven't even seen it

Star Wars the force awakens

This was only not nominated because it hadn't even come out in time for the nominations.


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