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The mid-season finale of Star Wars Rebels season 2 has finally arrived and with it the excitement and wait for it to once again begin. So many unanswered questions, so much to speculate about. Animated series such as The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels have introduced a new generation to the brilliance of Star Wars. Not only that but I would go so far as to say that they have kept the franchise afloat after the prequels had such a disastrous effect on the brand. While Star Wars: Rebels is geared towards the younger generation, many of the older generation of Star Wars fans can find enjoyment with it as well. Not only is it entertaining but it brings us into a world far, far away and fills in the gaps that the movies have left blank.

It also introduces us to normal characters who are not force sensitive but manage to shape the world around them just the same. Believe it or not but there is more to the story than just Sith and Jedi fighting it out for surpremacy of the galaxy.

The Good

Star Wars: Rebels takes place five years before Episode IV and fourteen years into the Empire's reign. This is a perfect timeline for introducing new and older characters into the framework. The whole premise of the series revolves around a group of ragtag heroes who for varying reasons come together to fight against the oppressive empire. Unlike many other Star Wars series or movies, Star Wars: Rebels is not focused directly on the battle between the Empire and the Republic. Most of the main protagonists are not Jedi and even if they are, their powers are not at the level of impacting confrontations much of the time. Smugglers and bounty hunters play a key role as stealth is brought more to the forefront, rather than the usual overly aggressive tactics that Star Wars fans are accustomed to seeing from their protagonists. While this may sound boring to some, rest assured the normal thrilling action scenes still remain.

In season 1 the characters come from such differing backgrounds that it is hard for them to coalesce together to fight as one force but by season 2 they are a well-oiled machine with the help of the newly formed Rebel Alliance's assistance. While this version of the Rebel Alliance poses little threat to the Empire's dominance, unlike how it does in the movies. It is still intriguing to watch as it grows from a small force dedicated to resistance to the formidable fighting force it turned into by Episode VI.

Not only does Star Wars: Rebels present us with the beginnings of the resistance, it also introduces us to Jedi who survived Order 66, while at the same time connecting Star Wars: Rebels with its predecessor Cartoon Network's The Clone Wars. This bridging of the two shows together will surely attract followers of its predecessor, even though, by comparison the two shows are like night and day. The kid friendly approach of Rebels is definitely unique as it has a more cartoonish feel than any Star Wars cartoon or movie before it. Some might feel turned off believing this to belittle the franchise with more kid-friendly themes but, in fact, it does the contrary as it introduces children and even some adults to a franchise and genre that they might not be normally accustomed to watching.

The Bad

There really isn't anything that is truly wrong with Star Wars: Rebels that would make a Star Wars fan loathe Disney for not being true to the franchise. The only thing Rebels really lacks is a true bad guy. Yes, the Inquisitors have their moments but they pale in comparison to someone like a Darth Vader. In fact, they even admit to this on the show.

In the future it would also be nice to have a little more Jedi/Sith battles with the galaxy hanging in the balance. Especially, since so far most of the episodes revolve around our heroes scavenging for parts or supplies. Usually something happens on these routine missions that brings about some action. Unfortunately, most of that action involves them running away from the danger, instead of facing it head on.


Star Wars: Rebels is a fun show for the entire family. Whether you are new to the franchise or have been a fan ever since the first movie, you should be able to find some form of entertainment in this series. The characters mesh good with one another and the episode plots while not groundbreaking do the Star Wars franchise justice.


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