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Nathan Tinman

Hello to you all!
Star Wars Fans and casual readers alike!

So, likes get right to it. Star Wars The Force Awakens is in Cinemas, everyone and their Mother has seen it by now, and yet we still all feel obligated to mention our Posts will include SPOILERS. So, without futher delay, lets begin.

There have been many theories about who Supreme Leader Snoke really is, everything from Jar Jar Binks to Darth Vader! Though the most popular theory seems to be the one we've seen so many videos about, such as the one above. That is that Supreme Leader Snoke is infact Darth Sidious' old Master Darth Plagueis. This theory has been widely adopted and many fans are just sitting waiting for the theory to be confirmed in subsequent films in the sequel trilogy. However, I can't just help but wonder, what if, now stop me and tell me if I'm crazy, but just what if....... Supreme Leader Snoke, was just...... SUPREME LEADER SNOKE. I mean, think about it, Star Wars Trilogies always introduce new Characters and move forward, very rarely look back, except for inspiration. If it turns out that Supreme Leader Snoke is Plagueis, then it probably won't bother me, and it will be fine. When I was younger, and watched the prequels, I always loved when Papatine told Anakin about "Darth Plagueis the Wise" so for him to actually show up in a Film would be awesome, but I just want new characters, new stories that are personal and compelling cause to allow the characters to grow.

Anyway, tell me what you guys think!
Who is Snoke?
Is he Jar Jar Binks, the legendary Darth Vader, or is he, just Snoke?
Or maybe just a completely new character all together!

May The Force Be With You All.


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