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Back in April, Vin Diesel Announced that there would indeed be a Fast 8! There are still plenty of questions still unanswered but before i go into those i'm going too talk about what we do know.

First of all and i think the biggest news is that number one They Announced there will be and number two they already have a " Release Date " April 14, 2017 now this is bound too change but them just setting one sets the pace. Also they have started too announce who will and who won't be in the movie. We know that Vin Diesel Will be in it, along with Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, Tyrese Gibson, and Ludacris.

There are rumors that Cody will be taking over for Paul with Paul coming back in flash back scenes but this hasn't been confirmed yet nor do i think it will be for awhile. One question fan have asked and will ask is, was Fast 7 as big a hit as it was because of Paul Walker Passing now this can't really be answered by me, i myself went because i love the series but i also know people who went because he died to more or less pay tribute . Will it Crash and Burn( Pardon the Phrase ) Or will it shoot too the moon? Will Cody be able too take over for Paul every Fan hopes he will ad can? I think its unfair too answer this till we can all see the movie.

Where will it take place, This Series has taken place everywhere Europe, North American, South America, Asia( Middle East Included ), There is talk about some of the movie taking place in Cuba which opens the possibility of other parts taking place in North America and South America or both but obviously we just don't know. But there has also been talk of a Possible New York Setting, my one problem with this is the whole part of FAST and Furious because lets thing with brains for one minute, when have you ever in New York City ever been able to drive over 30MPH? Its just not a good setting for a movie that's suppose to have Fast Cars, now maybe as a area if someone were to get kidnapped too do a exchange and maybe a fast chase in some American Made Muscle cars but besides that there's just not enough room too have 20 cars flying down the road at 120MPH. Again none of these have been confirmed nor do i feel they will be for a while. There just hasn't been enough time between them to even really start thinking about a whole new story, yes they will have ideas like any real F&F Fan the minute they stepped out of the theater they started thinking about the next one!

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