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Disney and Lucasfilm have been through thousands of actors, but have finally cut the casting for the young version of Han Solo down to a dozen or so actors, Variety reports.

Now, with the anthology film not set to begin shooting until next January, the early casting makes it seem quite possible that the actor is needed for another film first, and it seems likely that this will be Rogue One.

Now, with the timing for this film matching up roughly with the ages of actors they are looking at (mostly 20-25), this is a distinct possibility. Rogue One still has a few weeks of filming, so the new Solo won't have long to get himself ready if this is the case. But the real question isn't about when he will be played, it's who. While we don't have the full list of actors left in the running, Variety reported eight of them, and judging from the list, they won't need anyone else!

Miles Teller

The Fantastic Four actor is unlikely to have plans for a sequel, so he should be free to star as Han Solo for a few years. He's certainly got the talent, but hasn't proved yet that he can lead a big film, at least not without it bombing spectacularly.

Ansel Elgort

However, someone who has proved that they can lead big films is Ansel Elgort. Having already starred in a franchise (The Divergent Series) as well as spreading out over different genres (The Fault in Our Stars, Carrie), it seems like Ansel could really take on this role, even if he looks pretty different from Harrison Ford.

Dave Franco

One of the oldest on the list, Dave Franco is already 31, but that is no reason for him not to get the role. He has starred in some huge films, such as Now You See Me, The Lego Movie, Warm Bodies, Fright Night, 21 Jump Street and Superbad. With that sort of experience, it seems likely that Dave could snatch the role, although it may be someone younger and less well known wanted for the role.

Scott Eastwood

The Fury, The Longest Ride and Trouble With the Curve actor could become a star on par with his father Clint Eastwood if he gets a role like Han Solo. However, with an untitled role in Suicide Squad coming up, it is possible that he will be passed over because of his already busy schedule.

Jack Reynor

The Macbeth and Transformers: Age of Extinction actor also has a quickly filling up schedule, but that doesn't mean he couldn't also take on this role, with him having just enough experience to not be a complete unknown, just like Han Solo was at the time of his casting.

Logan Lerman

For such a young actor (he turns 24 next week), Logan Lerman already has a lot of experience under his belt, with roles in the Percy Jackson films, Fury, and The Perks of Being a Wallflower making him a well known face around Hollywood. He is ripe for such a huge role, but hasn't had a role where he is such a vagabond yet, and the role of Han Solo takes a special kind of roughness.

Emory Cohen

Emory, fresh off of the success of Brooklyn, has also starred in The Gambler and The Place Beyond the Pines. While not particularly well known, he has a lot of acting ability and hasn't had a huge role up until very recently. Could this be his huge break?

Blake Jenner

I know a huge number of people would be surprised if a Glee actor was cast as the space pirate Han Solo, but Grant Gustin went on to star as The Flash, so it is very possible. Without much other experience, we can't judge what kind of Solo he would make, but I trust in the casting department to figure that out for us.

Now this is an incredible list, and with several others still on it you have to say that Kathleen Kennedy, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller certainly have their work cut out for them. But for now we just have to wait for them to decide, and I trust them to do so.

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