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When the [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) trailer dropped in November, it got me thinking…something seemed familiar about this premise. Then it hit me: Civil War has the exact same premise as the 2002 Reese Witherspoon romantic comedy Sweet Home Alabama.

Don’t believe me? The trailer mashup is below:


1: Steve Rogers/Melanie Carmichael are wholesome, all-American blondes from working class roots, who and are now trying to make it in Manhattan.

Steve Rogers is from Brooklyn and lives in a Midtown high rise. This skinny kid from the streets is now hobnobbing with the most famous people in his industry. Similarly, Melanie Carmichael is from rural Alabama, and has moved to the city to strike it rich in the world of high-end fashion. She dates the daughter of the mayor, and is living a life beyond any means she could have imagined.

2: Tony Stark /Andrew Hennings are rich Manhattan socialites, who use their wealth and influence to become close to the protagonists.

Both men provide the hero with an offer that sets the story into motion. In Civil War, Tony encourages Steve to join him in signing the Sokovia Accords. In Sweet Home Alabama, Hennings (Patrick Dempsey) asks Melanie to marry him. Both men offer continued stability and fame. However, there’s one kink in this plan:

3: Bucky/Jake are men from the character’s roots, who remind them of who they were before they achieved their dreams in New York City, and introduce conflict into the story.

Bucky knew Steve when they were children, and even helped the future superhero fend off bullies. Though the rest of the world knows him as “Captain America,” to Bucky he will always be Steve. The two later went their separate ways when Steve was frozen in ice, and Bucky was kidnapped and brainwashed by Hydra. Pretty typical love story.

Melanie and Jake also knew each other as children, growing up on the Alabama coast and finding glass sculptures on the beach. Though the New York fashion world knows her as “Melanie Carmichael,” to Jake she will always be Melanie Smooter. The two later married, and then divorced when a short time later.

Both Melanie and Steve want to move forward in their careers as a fashion designer and Avenger, respectively, but are being held back by people from their past. Melaine has to get a divorce from Jake, and Steve….well, we don’t know yet. Has to get Bucky a pardon, maybe?

Anyways, Civil War is shaping up to be a classic love triangle. What other parallels will we see? Perhaps Candice Bergen’s shifty mayor will be mirrored by William Hurt’s cunning Thunderbolt Ross. Will Melanie and Jake’s mutual friend Bobby Ray possibly be Natasha Romanov, the Black Widow? We’ll find out on May 6th!

Whose side are you on? I’m team Jake, all the way.


Whose side are you on?


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