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In a surprising bit of news today, it has been revealed by Variety that Disney has narrowed down a short-list of actors down to eight actors! Some of them look promising while others make me cringe and I'm praying they don't get the role. But the shortlist is narrowed down to the following actors.

1. Miles Teller

I'm sure he's a fine actor. But I don't think the same guy who FOX deemed geeky enough to play Mr. Fantastic is edgy enough to play the scoundrel, Han Solo.

2. Ansel Elgort

Another fine actor and I definitely see what Disney is looking for in this actor but at the same time, he just doesn't have it in my opinion. Almost but not quite there.

3. Dave Franco

This is the best so far (in the list of three down) and I think he could be promising and wouldn't be totally upset to see him in the role. However, a part of me feels that Dave has too much of a pretty-boy aspect to play someone as rugged as Han Solo.

4. Jack Reyner

Jack's definitely got the look that's rugged-yet-handsome for Han Solo but I can't accurately judge this actor because I've only seen him in one film (to my knowledge) and that was Transformers: Age of Extinction, in which I was not a hgue fan of the actor but that may have just been how his character was written.

5. Scott Eastwood

One could argue that Scott Eastwood is a bit of pretty-boy as well but he's also got enough of his daddy (Clint Eastwood) in him to make him tough and rugged. I'm definitely rooting for this actor as far as the role of young Han Solo is considered.

6. Logan Lerman

Logan Lerman is a fine actor in the few things I've seen him in but as for the role of young Han Solo, I think this is one of the worst castings they could go for.

7. Emory Cohen

I can't say anything about this actor cause I've literally never seen him or heard of him before. So, I'm indifferent. Maybe he could have the look but I haven't seen it in him yet.

8. Blake Jenner

Blake's got the look of Han Solo but there's just something that seems...wrong...about a Glee actor playing Han Solo but that could just be my own bias.


So what do you guys think of Disney's shortlist for young Han Solo? Are any of these actors promising to you or do you think there's someone better out there for the job. Honestly, I always felt that role should have gone to Garrett Hedlund as I feel he has both the look and the attitude perfect for Han Solo.

But nobody up top ever listens to me.

Be sure to write your opinions and feelings about the direction Disney seems to be going with their young Han Solo movie in the comments section below and don't forget to vote in the poll!


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