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I'd rather watch them fall in love than die
Rhea Mathur

Now that its exam time, stress, fear and fail are words on every student's lips, be it the toppers who repeat till the very end that they know nothing or the actual failures who repeat the same but in this case its true.. Well, no matter which category you're from you've probably heard the phrase 'marks are not everything' and to be honest, it couldn't be more true. Whether you fail or you pass theres no guarantee that you'll do the same in life. Remember we make our own destinies.

However the point here is not whether you pass, it's what comes along with it, the reward we're all so interested in. We don't study so much for knowledge as we study for being able to do better than the other. My reason for studying is very different, while forcing yourself to sit in a chair all day, I realize what I really want to do. Painting, dancing, acting, on my tiny desk in those long study hours, I end up doing more than just studying.. Strangely I discover a part of me. And that helps me study, it helps me focus when I dance to a 'Ranveer Singh song' letting out all of my energy like him, when I sit back on my table breathless, I'm strangely satisfied and ready to focus.

This leads to my main point. If you haven't yet watched Bajirao Mastani, please do, you're missing out on life. Sanjay Leela Bansali manages to yet again create something truly magical with his perfectionists, Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra. Now you'll ask me, how does any of this relate to the test books that seem to want to see me suffer. Well, you'll never find a man who has so much energy and positivity that without saying much he makes you feel anew. A man who respects someone he loves, is able to give his 500% to his work yet never misses a single party or event. A man who truly enjoys life and gives it his everything. Ranveer Singh fills me with energy and his witty comments and power packed performances never fail to lighten my spirits. After watching his ravishing performance in Bajirao Mastani, I feel different, as though some strange energy has come upon me, pushing me and making me try harder. It tells me to not worry, and like him just give it my best. Be it handling criticism, making new friends or venturing into the unknown, he manages to do it with so much confidence that I truly am a fan.

This brings me to the famous phrase, "why can't I?" when he is out there working day and night to show the world his real talents, especially when these are just a few exams I need to ace. If he can work so hard and still smile at the end of the day or crack a joke, why can't I? Forget the useless stress and worrying, life is meant to be lived and if it turns into a battle field then fight, if you win then you'll forget what all that fear was for and with a care free yet extremely focused attitude, you can never lose.

Its not just him, Deepika's flawless performances as not only Mastani but also Piku show just how much one can achieve with a little bit of hard work and a smile. The gorgeous and amazingly talented Deepika did not give us even one moment to wonder if the role was made for her. It made me wonder if she was actually Mastani or whether Amitabh Bachan was her father but not for a moment could I imagine someone else to take her place. Thats how I want to be, irreplaceable.

I'm sure they all have low moments as well, Deepika out of all the people in the world was said to have undergone depression, but look at how she's recovered, how she's transformed herself and now nobody can stop her. In fact I believe Ranveer deserves a little commemoration here, he has always treated her with respect and helped her grow as an individual. If only all men were like him, the world would be a better place..

At last, Priyanka amazed everyone with her performance more than once in the best films of Indian cinema, she stars as the protagonist in a prominent show in the USA and has upcoming Indian movies as the main character as well as having won The People's Choice Award, proving that nobody could've handled this much of work better than her and that hard work always pays off.

So coming back to where I started..our small exam stress..Imagine the amount of stress these people have, the amount of work of work they do, if they can do all this, why can't we ace our exams when there's hardly anything to do but study? Who knows maybe somewhere in that book, when you take a break and dance you heart out, you may actually discover who you want to be..


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