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Is Batman vs Superman even going to make sense? A tragedy struck Billionaire fighting an indestructible alien from outer space? Is there more to it? Is Superman going to completely destroy Batman? That's the most logical way to look at it. Batman fights crime with weapons and cars that nobody could possibly have if they didn't own a multi-billion dollar company.

Think about the people Batman have went up against: The Joker, Penguin, Catwoman... Do these people endure any type of "Super Power"? The Jokers greatest weapon were his pranks. Do you think pranks could defeat Superman? A guy with laser vision and super strength who can fly? Superman is from an entirely different planet. He's almost indestructible. Who has Superman went up against? Lex Luthor, General Zod, Braniac, do these villains sound like people Batman could go up against? My first guess is absolutely not.

The epic fight between Superman and General Zod.

Take a CLOSE look at the abilities these men possess. Now watch this clip of Batman...

What does this look like? Two men with physical and emotional scars in costume trying to kill each other? Would a superhero let himself be hit multiple times by crowbars?

This isn't favoritism. I'm not saying Superman is any better than Batman, I'm just saying the two worlds shouldn't be able to merge into one battle. Lets use an example...

Putting Superman against Batman is like putting a Middle School Football team against the 1972 Undefeated Miami Dolphins. Sure, it's all fun. The thought that two of the biggest icons in the DC universe are going head to head against each other, but wheres the logic?

To argue why Batman could defeat Superman would be to use Superman's greatest weakness against him: Kryptonite. The fact that the movie has not yet come out, none of this article really has any evidence to being valid. It is very possible that is what Batman will do to defeat Superman, even if they don't even end up having a "Final Battle". So before any of the comments get too frigid and salty, remember that it was just an opinion!

Everyone enjoy the movie! Batman vs Superman drops March 25th.


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