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Now, like the MCU, Warner Bros. wants to make a DC Cinematic Universe. Now fans applaud this, and we do have two amazing movies coming out this year that will lay the foundation for this new cinematic universe.

Here are the trailers for both movies:

Batman vs Superman:

Suicide Squad:

Are you hyped yet? Well, aside from these two films, we will be receiving solo movies for Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, and Aquaman. We will also be getting a MOS 2 somewhere down the line. Remember there is also Justice League Part 1 and Part 2 that remains. Exciting, right?

Now with all great heroes, come great villains. Here are all the villains I think we will see in this new universe.

Side Note: These are not JL movie villains but rather solo movie villains.

Shall we begin? Let's do it!

#1 Metallo

Hero: Superman

When we still believed that we would be getting a sequel to Man of Steel, there were rumours circling around about Metallo. Even Zack Snyder name dropped him once, during an interview! Now that we will be getting Batman vs Superman this year, Man of Steel 2 has been delayed but I do believe that this evil robot will be taking on the Son of Krypton.

Also it would be a nice addition to the DC Cinematic Universe, since the Avengers most recently took on Ultron.

#2 The Reverse Flash

Hero: Flash

Just like when you think of Batman, the next thought is the Joker. When you think of Superman, a few seconds later, your pondering about Lex. Just like that, when I think of the Flash, I imagine the Reverse Flash.

Now, I know what you guys might be thinking. Didn't we just get a full season worth of the Reverse Flash? That may be true but remember the Flash movie will be out in 2018, and that would have been a while since season one of the Flash, giving people time to get excited about the Reverse Flash!

#3 Ares

Hero: Wonder-Woman

Wonder-Woman and Ares have always had a strained relationship. In the comics, he has been a villain, but at times he has aided Wonder-Woman. In some stories, he is even Wonder-Woman's father.

I feel as though we will see him in her movie, now he could be a main antagonist but he could also have a supporting role of some sort.

#4 Ocean Master

Hero: Aquaman

I could try and explain his relations and origins to you, but I feel as Wikipedia does it really well.

" Orm Curry was Aquaman's fully human half-brother, the son of Tom Curry (Aquaman's father) and a woman named Mary O'Sullivan. He grew up under the shadow of his heroic half-brother and resented the fact that he had none of Aquaman's powers, being fully human, and he was already a petty criminal when he was stricken with amnesia and forgot all about his former life, disappearing shortly afterwards.

Several years later, the self-named Orm Marius reappeared as the Ocean Master, a high-tech pirate who initially attacked ships but quickly moved on to causing natural disasters in order to hold the world at ransom."

Even though he is not well known, I feel as though he could pop up, after all what's more important then family?

#5 Black Manta

Hero: Aquaman

Again, this guy builds himself a robotic suit, that let's him go underwater, and function. He also has a complicated history with Aquaman, and I do believe we could see him as well as Ocean Master in the same movie, with Ocean Master as the main antagonist, and Black Manta playing more of a supporting role.

Also, he has many origin stories, and the executives at WB, could go with any of them.

#6 Sinestro

Hero: Green Lantern

Like the Flash and Reverse Flash go hand in hand, Sinestro is heavily associated with GL.

We did see him in Ryan Reynolds' Green Lantern, but he had not yet gone to the side of fear. Since the next GL movie will be called Green Lantern Corps, you can bet Sinestro will be involved in some or other.

#7 Star Sapphire

Hero: Green Lantern

I do believe that she will meet GL somewhere down the line as well. She does have many forms, and in the DCCU, she will be Carol Ferris, who is also Hal's love interest. So in the first movie, she could play Carol, but later on transform into Star Sapphire.

#8 Poison Ivy

Hero: Batman

Now that Batman will get another trilogy, I suspect that Poison Ivy could be coming up to bat (Sports Reference :3). Anyway, she is one of the most underrated villains ever, and it would be fun to see Batman go up against her. Also, when have we ever seen a female villain go up against such a big hero?

If DC wants to be bold, this should be their next step.

#9 Scarecrow

Hero: Batman

Events of Arkham Knight anyone? I would love to see Scarecrow and his fear toxin come into the DCCU. We did see him in the last trilogy, but it would be nice to get a spin on the character in the context of this new cinematic universe.

#10 Clay Face

Hero: Batman

Another underrated villain who has not had his live action debut. Now that Warner Bros. has three more Batman movies, I'm sure that they can incorporate him in some way. After all the original trilogy had many of the main stream villains, so Zack might want some other ones who have not gotten as much exposure.


Are you exciting about the DCCU?


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