ByJames Ortiz, writer at
James Ortiz

We'll all be wondering who Snoke is for the next year and a half, but right now I think there is a ton of evidence to Darth Plageuis being part of the story. That said, I don't think Andy Serkis is lying when he says Snoke is a completely new character. To me, it really feels like we'll find out that Snoke, while probably very powerful, is ultimately just a front for the true villain. After all, people have been complaining about just how much this movie feels like A New Hope. But the Emperor didn't show up until Empire Strikes Back. Snoke looks like a very old Inquisitor, or Sith Sorcerer. I think we'll learn that this is exactly what he is, and that he's working for the true dark side threat, most likely Plagueis.


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