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Anyone who knows me understands that, for well over a year, I’ve been having a love affair with Star Wars Rebels — in a sense. I’ve followed this show and talked about in on countless podcasts, and with the return of Hangin’ With Team Kanan on the horizon, the hype has never been more real. Imagine my surprise today, at the hands of Star Wars’s twitter account, when I found out that everyone’s favorite Rebel Princess will be guest starring on the return episode for Season 2.

This younger Leia has already appeared once in our new canon, during a particular scene from the novel Lost Stars, but we haven’t gotten to spend much time with her as a double agent for the Rebels. Though a member of the Imperial Senate, we all know where Leia’s allegiances rest.

Along with the announcement came a preview clip of Leia’s introduction to the series, which features her first meeting with Kanan Jarrus and his Padawan, Ezra Bridger, who is two days Leia’s senior.

He doesn’t necessarily get the respect he feels he deserves, of course. Like her early interactions with Han Solo, it seems as though Leia and Ezra are destined to bash heads — much to the delight of a certain crop of people who have been 'shipping them since the beginning of the show. Oh, Internet, you’re lovely.

Brought to life by the vocal talents of Julie Dolan, Leia’s appearance — 'A Princess on Lothal' — will premiere on January 20th at 9pm on Disney XD, and you can expect to hear tons of speculation/excitement on the next episode of Hangin’ With Team Kanan, airing LIVE on January 17th!


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