ByJon F Kuzniacki, writer at
Marvel and DC fan, Anime fan...yeah

Fans have been looking forward to a Deadpool movie since we had a small glimmer of him in the X-Men Origins: Wolverine film nearly 7 years ago. After the cries of outrage from fans, Fox finally decided to get on an actual Deadpool movie and once they attached Ryan Reynolds to the project as Deadpool, fans rejoiced. Since it's announcement the film has been getting a lot of publicity; leaked footage, multiple trailer, movie posters plasted all over the web, and Instagram and Twitter posts from Deadpool himself (Ryan Reynolds) have gotten fans SUPER HYPED for the film due to be released in 32 days. But could the hype potentially ruin the movie? Many people (myself included) are guilty of getting super excited for a upcoming film and giving it high expectations only to be disappointed once they actually see the finished project. With all the publicity surrounding the 'Merch With A Mouth' will fans be completely disgruntled if the Deadpool film isn't EXACTLY what they want. Not to say that Ryan Reynolds won't do a great job, because I personally am I fan and can't wait to see it but. However, my advice is to lower your hype for the Deadpool movie just in case it isn't what you expect. And besides, lower your hype and it IS exactly what you wanted, It just makes the movie that much better.


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