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The highly debated reboot hits theaters this July and I've finally come to terms with it. When the Ghostbusters reboot was announced it really struck a nerve with me as a huge fan of the franchise. It wasn't the fact that it was an all female cast but rather that it was a reboot in general. After waiting for years of a possible third adventure of Stantz, Spengler, Venkman and Zeddmore it was cemented that it would not come to be. Sony decided to go in a new direction and reboot the franchise all together. That was quite disappointing to hear. As time went on and the menimists squabbled about the gender-swapped team, I began to warm up to the idea. I mean hell, it's a new Ghostbusters film! For one thing what I love about the franchise goes well beyond the four fantastic main actors of the first two films. Even though I loved those characters to death, perhaps this franchise needed a breath of fresh air.

I would've preferred if this reboot was a sequel to Ghostbusters 2, but it's not and that's ok. What has always made Ghostbusters so interesting to me was that the story and characters were so grounded in reality. That the four members of the Ghostbusters team were blue collar heroes out there in an extraordinary situation. You would call up the Ghostbusters to come clean up the spooky poltergeist in your basement like you would call a plumber to fix your toilet. The idea was fantastic in it's simplicity! It is that idea that hopefully drives the reboot and makes it shine. I hope that this it isn't just verbatim to the original (didn't we get that with Ghostbusters 2) but rather something that can stand on it's own legs.

Paul Feig has proven to be a very solid director with an eye for female lead comedies and has shown great care and attention to detail with the film so far. I mean just look that the new proton packs. They don't look anything like something Apple would make, but rather what Egon Spengler would cook up.

Of course, there is a lot to be feared for. The movie could be a stinker but more than likely we are going to have a very, fun and entertaining film set with in a familiar universe that we all love. So, I say sit back and enjoy the ride. For a Ghostbusters fan like me, this reboot just means that the Ghostbusters franchise is going to stay around for a while longer and I am grateful for that. Plus, the world needs more supernatural comedies... Feig, get working on a reboot of Vibes with Katy Perry and Oscar Issacs!


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