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I was super excited to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens as George Lucas was nowhere to be found and J.J. Abrams was directing. I adored that the trailers actually kept the plot of the movie a secret (looking at you Terminator Genisys).

As soon as I left the theater for the first time (yes, saw it twice) theories started to form. This was because questions were asked and not all were answered. So I started the painful process of theorizing and enduring the long wait until Episode 8.

My theorizing was helped by watching and reading other fantheories.

Below are the big things I would adore to happen in Episodes 8 and 9. And, yes, there are spoilers from Episode 7 below.

Rey and Kylo Ren
Rey and Kylo Ren

Rey Turning Evil, Kylo Turning Good

Now this is one I think would be really cool and would shock audiences. This is because we have started this new trilogy with Rey as one of the heroes. We want her to succeed in her mission because she's a good guy.

But what if things went differently?

What if Kylo Ren turns to the light and starts to try to undo all that he did. Or at least make up for some things. Not that he could earn everyone's forgiveness as he did kill Han Solo. But he could at least make an attempt. Heck, he probably has a lot of secret information he could tell the Resistance.

Rey, who did seem to harness the Dark Side in the final fight, wouldn't want to forgive Kylo and would be in utter confusion why people were accepting him. He did bad stuff in The Force Awakens and, depending on when Kylo turns good, he could cause major misery in Episode 8.

Rey would then succumb to the Dark Side via revenge.

Or she could turn in any numerous ways. Maybe her turning to the Dark Side snaps Kylo out of his evil funk.

However it happens, I'd love to see the role reversal happen!

Finn not having a good day
Finn not having a good day

Finn Not Turning out to be Force Sensitive

It seems a lot of people really want Finn to be Force Sensitive. But I don't get why.

He is a great character as is and I don't see him being Force Sensitive as having any real benefit for his character. More Force Sensitive characters can be introduced in the next few films.

I know in the trailers it seemed like he would be Force Sensitive, as he was holding a lightsaber, but just because he wasn't in the movie shouldn't make people want him to be. Kylo Ren seemed to have a badass persona to him while in the movie it was more complicated.

Oh, yeah, people were annoyed about that too.

My final thoughts on this point are: Finn would be an excellent character to just be a regular dude trying to figure out his place in the galaxy.


Rey Being Luke's Daughter OR Being Created from the Force Like Anakin Skywalker

There are a handful of theories about Rey's origins. One of the craziest I've heard is that she is a clone of Anakin Skywalker. I may need to read more into that one as it sounds very interesting.

Not true, but interesting.


I would like for it to be revealed that she is Luke's daughter. That is why Anakin's lightsaber called out to her: it was calling out to someone in the same bloodline.

It would also explain how well she is able to figure out the trashc-I mean the Millennium Falcon.

One way Luke dropping her off on Jakku could make sense is it wasn't Luke who dropped her off. Maybe his wife hid Rey was his child from him and, as a theory or two states, her mind was erased of Luke and the Jedi.

Another theory I would love to be true about Rey's origins, if the first one doesn't get picked, is that she was created by the Force like Anakin was. Her easy grasp onf the Force could be because of this.

Maybe created by Darth Plagieus.

Supreme Leader Snoke
Supreme Leader Snoke

Supreme Leader Snoke Actually Being Darth Plagueis

Speaking of Darth Plagieus...before I go into detail about this one I'll inform those who aren't familiar with this particular Sith Lord.

In Revenge of the Sith, Palpatine/Darth Sidious talks to Anakin about a Sith Lord that had found out how to cheat death. That Sith was Darth Plagieus. Palpatine says that he, aka Plageius' apprentice, killed his mater but what if that wasn't true?

What if Plagieus was merely bidding his time? Waiting until he could heal himself enough so that he could become a force to be reckoned with again? He can cheat death, so it would make sense that he could survive what Palpatine did to him.

Plagieus knew that if he attacked Palpatine directly he could very well die. That his apprentice could figure out a way. So he merely observed as Palpatine formed the Galactic Empire and eventually died.

In the wake of the remnants of the Galactic Empire needing someone new to follow, he was there.

This would explain Snoke's zombie-like appearance: he has been brought back from the dead

This would also make Snoke a much harder enemy as he has already escaped death once, how can you ever be sure you truly killed him?

Rey, Finn, and BB-8 Running Away
Rey, Finn, and BB-8 Running Away

Rey Not to End up with Finn

Rey and Finn had great chemistry together, so why don't I want them to end up a couple by the end?

Both Rey and Finn met at the exact moment where they were thrown into a situation they didn't know about. That they were forced into. Emotions were probably high then and why they had great chemistry is because they had a shared situation. They also had a shared set of emotions, though each dealt with them differently.

I would like for Rey and Finn to realize this and look for partners, if they do end up being with someone by the end, that fulfill them. That they found along their journey.

Who they are connected with by more than a similar point in time.

I'm sure both Rey and Finn will grow into people their old selves would no longer recognize.

That being said, they make a good team so I won't complain too much if they end up together.

Poe and Finn
Poe and Finn

Poe and Finn to be Lovers

Okay, I can hear the people saying that I don't want Rey and Finn together because I want Poe and Finn to be together.

To that I say: I am a hug multi-shipper. I have ships that conflict with other ships I have but I love them all. I even will change sexualities at times so there is no way all my ships could all function in the same universe.

Now onto my reasons...

I do not mind if Poe and Finn don't end up together by the end, but I would at least like them to be in a romantic relationship for a little bit.

Unlike Rey, Finn met Poe not by accident but because he knew that was the only way he could escape. As Poe pointed out, Finn was only rescuing him because he needed a polite.

If you want to go full blown cheesey romance, Finn realizes that he rescued Poe because he was always attracted to the man. Maybe he had heard stories as he was cleaning sewers. Maybe those were memories that he had buried deep down below.

In a more realistic fashion, Finn realizes that his original liking of Poe has formed deeper emotions. Maybe they've gone on missions together and that is why the emotions have been heightened.

Even if they don't end up gay for each other, I am looking forward for more scenes between the two because they are awesome!

What would you like to see in Star Wars Episodes 8 and 9? Also, feel free to agree or disagree with any of my picks.

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