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Jeremy Pieper

"The Loft"

The premise of the film is that a group of five married men, invest in a loft so they can invite their mistresses and girlfriends too without the hassle of hotels leading too questionable credit card debt. It works, until the men find a body of a deal girl; leading the men begin to point out all past betrays and transgressions, challenging the idea of friendship and loyalty.

The premise is interesting and challenges you pay attention,till the conclusion is reveled. The actors all give decent performances, however seem to lack any sense of morality, expect James Madison's character. If your looking forward to the intense and exciting loves scenes, between beautiful people the film deliverers them, although brief and lacking any real emotion.

Spoilers !!!!!!

The films starts off nicely, however slow pace. the mid conclusions when the killers are revived is exciting. The film falls apart and becomes laughable for the last half, The dialogue becomes brutal, although not as bad as the pool scene. The 2 biggest drawbacks were the horrible ways woman at portrayed in the film, as being easy manipulated and trashy. The second would being miller's character Luke, not his performances but the characters predicability. The film premise is to get the viewer to try and figure out who and why, but he's so predicable the "twist" ending is wasted.

The film was decent and worth viewing. I did enjoyed the premises and the twists up to the last act. The actors gave decent performances, my favorite being Eric stonestreet. Overall, This film gets a drink 3 beers then view rating. 3 stars in traditional scale

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