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Spoilers for The Flash and Supergirl ahead!

Why would you write something no one will read? That is the thought that is racing through my mind at this current moment. I tell myself, like everything in life, you need practice. I recently was in an accident, and my leg is doing better. I have been reading a stupid amount of articles, and I thought I would give honest answers to questions that I have no right to answer! Enjoy!


Sorry Nat
Sorry Nat

Probably never,

has the monumental task of delivering a classic film to satisfy a lot of people. I love the character - but I do not see her achieving solo film status by the start of Marvel's Phase 4, ScarJo would only be 36 in 2020. Ike Perlmutter, head of Marvel Entertainment, said recently that female superhero movies do not sell.

Thank Valhalla, because Kevin Feige split from his grasp and now reports to directly to Disney. This will open doors for many popular female superheroes after 2020. I do not purchase toys, so the lack of Widow/Scarlet Witch toys could be purely business. I do not know if this is a gender inequality, or just a man who is playing it safe. The lack of Rey in some Star Wars items makes zero sense. She is the face of the franchise now, and that seems odd coming from Disney.

If you were in his shoes, would you spend countless dollars on action figures that might not sell? As progressive as the times are becoming, do you think boys will not tease other boys that would rather play with Black Widow than the Hulk (how many girls want those toys, and I hope that number is increasing)? How much money do you think the studio would have to pay her to partake in a solo movie? (Age of Ultron she earned the same as Hemsworth and Evans)


No, they're definitely not gay, even before John Boyega came out (not that way) and squash the rumor. In America, 90% of people are religious, and to make one of the leads gay would be financial suicide. In my opinion, I could care less - but is this a push from liberal Hollywood trying to push a homosexual agenda. No, (I must admit watching television, really makes you wonder) Star Wars' gave us a diversify cast, and if you want same-sex relationships look no further than DC. Is it important to show an accurate representation of everyday life? Yes, but this is a business - and we have to wait for the darker next episode (hey,hey hey smoke weed everyday, I could not be the only one to think that) to see how things play out!


No one knows, but there is the trailer where Bucky can be clearly saying "Cap is dead"! Will Tony Stark die in the place of our favorite patriot? I would love to see this happen, but what are the chances that Marvel would risk all of Iron Man's memorabilia? Money means more than any artistic integrity, and to have anyone of these heroes bite the bullet would leave a two-year gap in merchandising until Avengers: Infinity War. Do you want to buy a t-shirt with a dead Tony Stark on it? The only argument that could be made - is with the introduction all the new characters that a major death would not matter - but they're still losing out on that hero's merchandising. I hope I am so freaking wrong, and Marvel goes H.A.M on their next movie!


Yes, DC is trying to catch up more than McDonald's (okay that was lame) - and the only way for them to accomplish this is pulling out their big guns. Even before the Reddit leak, you have to take in account the DC Animated Universe's Justice League: War. It has been three years since Man of Steel, and the supposed budget of over 400 million dollars spent on this film should be telling. To risk all that money on Justice League: Part One, without knowing how successful it could be - seems foolish without a dry-hump first! Justice League: War was a test run and DC must deliver.


No one knows who Snoke is and we'll have to wait to Episode 8. Jar Jar Binks might of had some sort of force with him. I did not believe it just like you, but all the stuff that annoying bastard did - like giving the republic to Sidious. If you watch the prequels over again - it seems like Lucas had bigger plans for Jar Jar, but the fans ridicule him in the Phantom Menace (justified).

Who is Zoom? Anyone who watches the Flash is dying to know! My initial thought was Jay Garrick - Earth-2's Crimson Comet aka The Flash. The way that Eobard Thawne was scared after seeing his helmet - and the way he survived the fall from another earth without his speed (why am I the only person that thought this?). I would love to see Earth-1's Henry Allen end up being Zoom, but the way the series is going it will be Earth-2's Barry Allen. With the new promos, and is anything more dramatic than encountering an evil doppelganger from another Earth? (blah) That Earth seems to be doing injustice to the series, and how much you want to bet Barry will free Robert Queen!


I'm on CBS, what station are you on?
I'm on CBS, what station are you on?

My only question is how? Will they say she is from Earth-2? The CW is CBS little annoying sister (prettier and younger), which means any chance to promote either series is highly encouraged! If she is from Earth-2, why is there no mention of Zoom - and vice versa from Harrison Wells on Superman (Jay Garrick gave Arthur Curry a mention)? Kara Danvers works at CatCo, and I know they're a gossip magazine (kind of) - and she is busy with a dozen so Kryptonians (really, no joke, are you kidding me), but if a speed demon were terrorizing a city (and no mention of Metahumans), you think it at least would make page three! If there's a way to do this, then you better believe CBS will do it. My personal opinion on the matter is when crossovers seems force, then the series struggle to deliver an entertaining hour of television. (Legends of Tomorrow anyone, I do not care, still excited!)

This is my ran.. article on some of the questions that no one cares that I answered!


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