ByTabitha Zeekes'Mommy Miller, writer at
Tabitha Zeekes'Mommy Miller

I definitely think Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey are innocent . It's clear to any viewers he was framed and his nephew was coerced . The judge the state police the lady that corrupted the dna they were all part of the conspiracy no doubt in my mind. They should be investigating Teresa's brother her ex boyfriend who had scratches on him in the video and they were acting very skiddish about being on the Avery property they looked very nervous . They hacked her account listened to her voicemail but didn't delete her messages what crap . They should also investigate Scott and the older Dassey. They were their own albi which their times they stated wasnt even remotely close . As well as Scott trying to sell a gun that was lead to believe the gun that killed Teresa . I don't think the cops did it I believe they know who did and they framed it to look like Avery because of their hatred for him. I don't understand why the confession wasn't thrown out and how they could even be found guilty when there wasn't no evidence to support she was even there she wasn't killed there she didn't step foot in the house she wasn't raped throat slit hair cut nothing she wasn't killed in the garage . Where's the DNA people. If he killed her at his house and drug her to the burn pit why would there be blood in her trunk of her car . Someone else killed her put her in the trunk burnt her scattered her over averys land planted the blood parked her car and later planted the key they had days To do so . Send em home or let them have a retrial away from Wisconsin excluding the cops and any one related to the cops


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