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The studio developing the new 2017 Wonder Woman movie is trying their best to launch it as a major event. The solo film will be the first of its kind about the legendary comic book character and the film should seal the deal in further establishing the ever growing DC Film Universe.

But, everyone seems to be asking what direction will the Wonder Woman movie go.

If the rumors can be trusted, and there's solid evidence out there that says they can, then the movie will delve deeper into the origins of the Amazonian demigod, much like the Batman or Superman movies have done in the past.

Information regarding the story line has been made public by the folks over at bleeding cool, a news website, claiming that the script for the Warner Bros. produced Wonder Woman will be set in Paradise Island where factions of the Island have gone to war for control. The chaos of the Island war is interrupted by the arrival of a man who pleads for help from the Amazonians. Princess Diana (who eventually becomes Wonder Woman) agrees to join the stranger on his return home. It's at this point that the movie audience learns that the story is set in the 1920's. Given that this was an era utterly lacking in any form of gender equality, it presents an intense culture clash that Princess Diana must deal with.

Future Wonder Woman sequels will advance the WW character through WWII in Wonder Woman 2 and then have her play a part in the modern era in Wonder Woman 3. Of course we'll be seeing the character in the modern versions of Batman v Superman and the planned Justice League films.

"I think the direction the writers and producers are taking this film is certainly very interesting," says writer Randy Jernigan, an avid Wonder Woman enthusiast. "I think it's great that the character will retain demigod status--one comic book story line presented Diana as the daughter of the Greek God Zeus--I'm sure there will be a lot out there that will draw comparisons between WW and Thor, or comparisons with Marvels Captain America that also started out in the 1920's era as well. But I'm sure that the powers that be will try and limit anymore comparisons--at least I hope they will. They have the chance to make Wonder Woman a powerful, different type of superhero and I'm sure they will," added Jernigan.

Let us know what you think of the direction the Wonder Woman character is taking.


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