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Los Angeles has had multiple NFL teams in its past as well as one XFL team. The LA Xtreme were only active for one year, but they are still the last "professional" football team to call the city home in the past 15 or so years.

Now, it appears there are rumors that while the Oakland Raiders, San Diego Chargers, and St. Louis Rams are all interested in moving to Los Angeles, only the Rams and Chargers are expected to move forward.

Obviously, fans in St. Louis and San Diego aren't too happy with this news.

Here's the report, according to Facebook (the story is currently trending nationally):

The NFL prefers moving the current St. Louis and San Diego teams to play at the Los Angeles-area stadium, news outlets report. The two teams and the Oakland Raiders seek to move to the area.

The plan is to build a stadium in Inglewood, CA that will be home to both teams, and the cost is expected to be around $2 billion. With the Rams in the NFC and the Chargers in the AFC, there would be very little logistically to change.

It would actually make more sense for the LA Rams to exist in the NFC West and the Chargers moving a few hundred miles north wouldn't affect the AFC West negatively either.

There would likely be multiple opportunities for big scale events in the future, such as a Superbowl, college football showcase games, soccer games, the Olympics, concerts, and the like. It would all make sense for a city as important as Los Angeles to have this arena.

What do you think about the NFL in LA?

(Via: Facebook Trending News)


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