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By now all Walking Dead fans know that in the second half of season 6 we will finally meet the bad guy that makes the Governor look like a kitten. The man I am talking about is the extreme sociopath know as Negan. In the comic books Negan is described as a savage man that adores violence and mayhem. He is said to have a domineering presence that allows him to intimidate both friends and foes. It is also said that even though he is a bit mentally unstable he does show some sympathy from time to time but he has pretty much no empathy at all. So just reading some things about him in the comic book series it seems like we are going to get the bad guy of all bad guys.

After reading up on the comic book character I went searching for some information that might describe how the TV series Negan was going to be and I came up with this from Walking Dead Wiki: "A physically imposing, charismatic, brutal, smart, ferocious, frightening, hilarious, inappropriate, oddly friendly, fun loving sociopath that is both a leader of men and a killer of men. He has both a practical and emotional intelligence, he's a brilliant strategist, he's pure, dangerous, murderous, often gleeful, that still has both discipline and a code. And he has a temper that can vaporize people. He's truly one of the strongest personalities ever." So it seems like we will be getting the same person in the TV series that has been in the comic books. Now from what I have been seeing Negan is going to be more of a guest star fro the second half of season 6 and will promoted to a series regular for season 7. I really hope Negan is everything that he is said to be because we haven't really had a good bad guy since the Governor. I am not sure if we will get Negan in the first episode back on February 14 or not but I can not wait to see him and see how brutal he is.


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