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As most of us have heard or seen on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even snapchat; we currently mourn the passing of a "master of music" and "Rock Icon" whose name is Mr. David Bowie.

As the statement has been repeated, After courageously battling 18 month's with cancer, he passed away surrounded by his family whom has requested that we, as a community, thoroughly respect their privacy during their time of grief.

Yet, just as Facebook user Brent Lee has commented, we shouldn't remember him in such a grieving manner but rather we should look back on his career and be happy for creating his music and sharing it with us. How we should view him is how he has influenced most of us today as a Rock Icon by his wonderful persona and ground breaking sound; over 40 years within his career, his "flamboyant theatrics and fashion forward style had become a signature hallmark of the genre pop fixture".

For those of you whom may question: well, who is David Bowie?
Known professionally as David Bowie, Mr. David Robert Jones is well known as both an English songwriter and singer; a figure, such as himself, was popular in regards to music for a period of five decades. Spanning back to the 1960's, his first entry "Space Oddity" had become his first top five entry on to the UK Single Chart after its release in July of 1969.

During the glam rock era of 1972, he began to appear as flamboyant alter ego titled "Ziggy Stardust"; yet the character was "Spearheaded" with the single "Starman" and the album "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars"

One of his many outfits as Ziggy Stardust
One of his many outfits as Ziggy Stardust

Yet, as the years began to progress the short lived persona did not stick around long but it truly did leave an impact when came to how the fans themselves truly felt about him and themselves. I'll reiterate this a little bit later on within the article yet; I want you, the reader, to look at him as an actor for a quick minute. Can you guess what popular character he was best known for in Hollywood?

If your answer was "Jareth, The Goblin King" for the film titled "Labyrinth", you are correct! If you don't know, do not fret! Here's a quick trailer for those of you whom haven't seen the film:

I apologize for the video quality since this was filmed in 1986. Yet, nevertheless as both as musician and actor he was a unique and different in comparison to the rest.

I had begun to ask how some of his fans how they felt about him. Luckily, I received a response from a young guitarist, Mireysa Gonzalez; here's what she had to say:

I admire him mostly as the true musician that he was, being able to play genres such as glam rock to metal; that kind of style and genius mind is what really brings out the true musician in him. When it came to his ideas, he'd always have a hint of spook which, which I'm thankful for since he helped spawn goth; haha! But what I still admire about him was his unique sense of fashion, musicians like me know that at that appearance can practically define everything and for him? Well his appearance had all the cards on the table! It's why I am not afraid to dress bold or different. What I mean is that he truly inspired many us of that dislike the judging eyes of others, to be comfortable and accept who they are and all I really have to say is that he taught us this by just being himself. I could go on forever since I can agree that he has impacted myself and many other peoples' lives' greatly. Sometimes, I wish I could be like him; I'd be the best Goblin Queen in my room!

I apologize for offering a shortened article on David Bowie, yet if I wrote everything then you'd be reading a month's worth of information! Yet, I know that a man like him is worth more than all the words that any article could ever write because he managed to stay true to himself and enjoyed what he loved; sharing himself with us. Some of you, may or may not, agree with what's written on this article; which is completely fine since we all have our own opinions' and views upon the matter yet I want to know how you feel about this; comment down below and let me know.


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