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So when I first saw this shot in the Captain America: Civil War Trailer, I was really shocked. This short clip of Tony Stark holding his bestie, James "Rhodey" Rhodes, was a heartbreaking scene which led me to believe that War Machine dies in this movie... Or, gets severely injured... Which leads me to why I wrote this article.

Recently, my dad returned from a trip to Canada bearing gifts for my siblings and I. He brought me The Avengers Encyclopedia, by DK.

The Avengers Encyclopedia
The Avengers Encyclopedia

In this encyclopedia, on page 124, it has War Machine's bio. In this bio, it says

He was badly injured by terrorists and Tony Stark was forced to turn him into a cyborg to save his life.

A cyborg. A CYBORG. Because he was injured badly! In this scene, Rhodey is evidently injured badly by whoever (presumably Bucky Barnes, The winter soldier, according to inferences based on another shot of the trailer)

Take a chill pill, man!
Take a chill pill, man!

Obviously, many of you know more about Marvel than I do, and more on why and how Rhodey's transformation took place. But, we all know the MCU tries to be as comic accurate as possible, but we know they tweak things for storyline and copyright reasons. So...


What do you think? Do you think that we will see a cyborg Rhodey in Captain America: Civil War? (Please enjoy this hilarious Civil War meme I found, below the poll)


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