ByEmma Cowder, writer at

I'm sure we've all hear about the up and coming blockbuster the 5th Wave, but for those of us who have read the book, is it worth it?

While I myself am certainly ready for the film, I am a bit hesitant to see it. Being The 5th Wave is one of my favorite books I am worried the movie will not satisfy the need for emotion, anger, terror, and overall will to survive I got from reading the book.

So far I have watched all of the trailers, and each one has filled me with the joy only a book reader can understand, but I have noticed a few inconsistencies. For example Ringer is not Asian. This does not bother me in the least, though, my reason being; we do not find out her heritage until the end of the second book so this is not of a concern to me.

While there are a few other things I've noticed, I'm not one to judge a movie before I see it. So I anxiously await the 22, and until then the book will have to suffice. So yes or no? It's too early to judge, but for now I say yes!


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