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All right Internet... time to do what you do best: Speculate!!!

We now know who six of the main Justice League Part One members are due to casting announcements, but there is still one spot to fill. That i,s assuming we all believe that this not-so-random picture of Aquaman that surfaced last year was not just a red herring designed to make us all lose our minds:

...and lose our minds we did!!!
...and lose our minds we did!!!

Well, let's just run with the assumption that it might actually be talking about the seven members of the Justice League (and not the seven seas, seven continents, seven samurai, seven deadly sins, or lucky number sleven).

Now, to fill in anyone who has perhaps only seen trailers for Batman v Superman and doesn't check IMDb like a rabid fanatic... this is who we have so far:

Batman / Ben Affleck

Superman / Henry Cavill

Wonder Woman / Gal Gadot

Aquaman / Jason Momoa

Flash / Ezra Miller

Cyborg / Ray Fisher

Only one left! Who's it going to be?

I think these are the most likely candidates...

Green Lantern is my top choice for a number of reasons: like there is an actor cast as a "drone pilot" that looks EXACTLY like Hal Jordan, and there is a Green Lantern movie coming in a few years, and... ok, maybe I only have those two, but I'm still holding out! There is something magical about the dialogue between Hal and Barry, and I think this could be a fun way to jump into the seven members.

Next up is Shazam (or Captain Marvel if you want to find who reads comics and who doesn't). We know there is a Shazam movie coming out in a few years as well, so this one is also a likely candidate. There is still some question as to how that movie is going to work out as the villain was cast almost TEN YEARS before the release date. I still hold that Black Adam is going to make an appearance before the Shazam movie... maybe in Justice League Part 1. Who else could it be?

So what if CBS just introduced J'onn J'onzz in Supergirl and beat Zack Snyder to the punch? That alone won't likely stop him from bringing in a great character if he wants to. I mean, he is mic dropping the Flash right in there. Anyway, who else could be thrown in the mix...? Power Girl, Green Arrow, Atom, Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, Hawkman, Hawkwoman, Zatanna, Vixen, Captain Cold?

Now, for the record, I don't necessarily think that the seventh member will be introduced in Batman v Superman, but I'm not counting out the possibility. At any rate I am certain the seventh member will be revealed next year in the first Justice League movie. Speaking of which, what a great time we live in. Repeat out loud after me, "The Justice League movie comes out next year." How did that feel? Good? I KNOW!!!!! Only one thing left to do now...

Let's Vote!!!!!


Who will be the seventh founding member of the DCEU Justice League?

Check out the trailer (again) for 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice'!


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