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When you think of famous comic book nerds, Kevin Smith should be up there in the top ten. The comedic genius is not only a huge comic book fan (he even named his daughter Harley Quinn), but he owns a comic book store (Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash), has written for DC Comics (Green Arrow's Quiver) and hosts a regular podcast/TV series about comic books (Comic Book Men).

Now, this nerd icon will be getting involved in live action comic book adaptations as he has signed on to direct an episode of the hit show The Flash. (As yet, we know nothing about the content of the episode, but Smith isn't reportedly writing, just directing.)

During the Television Critics Association press tour, CW president Mark Pedowitz made the announcement, stating that the life-long comic fan would be getting behind the camera for an episode that will air in May.

That air date could seem a little confusing, as IMDb has Season 2 down to finish on April 19th. The news that it will continue into May suggests that, as happened with Season One, we will have a two week (or longer) break somewhere in the second half of the season. This could happen around the end of February if Season One is anything to go by.

More interestingly, this would mean that Smith would be directing one of the final episodes of Season Two, perhaps even taking a stab at the finale, where Barry will presumably face off against Zoom! Usually, it would be concerning to see a new director taking on such a vital episode, but with Smith's history as a fan, a writer, and a director, there is little doubt that his work on the show will be absolutely incredible.

The Flash returns on January 19th

Source: The Wrap


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