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It so sad that they start of as inspiring actors and then they become great actors, the way Jennifer spoke to the reporter made me realize OK she acts good but as a human being she's horrible. There we have a reporter who all he is trying to do is ask her a simple question and she rudely cuts him off and makes him look dumb for looking at his phone when in most of her pics she also is looking at her phone so darling get with the program. Then again cuts him off for asking a question of the Oscars and didn't let him finish his question by making him look dumb, now actors who have been longer in the business acted with class and answerd the questions with no problem they were looking for bradly Cooper he probably left cause he was embarrassed of how Jennifer was acting really jennifer does it make you feel like a big shit treating reporters like that, since you like to curse and look like the shit funny and stuff then I'll talk your language. First of all thanks to those reporters who so call ask you dumb ass questions and yes those fans that get you nervous is that you are were you are today so say thank you cause now how I see how you are how you enjoy talking down to people I will never watch your ass in any movie. Sad that others have to work with you, but the little attitude you have wont get you know we're those who laugh at your jokes only do it cause your a so called actres with no morals. When you became a actres you knew, you all knew you would have teens,older people, foriegn people, kids idle you want to dress like you to say in a interview that gets you nervous tell them thank you for your pay check cause booboo thanks to us your in films yes your famouse in there eyes in my eyes your a chick with makeup and a nasty attitude be real to yourself cause you won't get one dollar from me you need to step down from cloud 9 and find your self. You can't go in life mistreating people cause you might be cute now but in a few years you will be old and yup less movie offers so be nice and you will get far. I'm not saying acting is easy nor not stressful but the public did not choose your career you did so live with it, enjoy life for you live it only once money yes buys you a lot but not time when god says its time to go. Don't judge for only he can judge. Just be more happier in life cause your a very unhappy and ungreatful person. Sad.


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