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Jeffrey Ryan Porter

To begin with this piece I want to explain a few key points I'll be expressing throughout. The first being the definition of both plot and blueprint and my feelings on the following article.

Plot: The main events of a play, novel, movie, or similar work, devised and presented by the writer as an interrelated sequence.

Blueprint: Design or make a plan of (something to be made or built).

So by building a blueprint or plan, you can insert plots, achievements, struggles, or story. The blueprint is simply a tool to insert events into the bigger plan. The blueprints can remain the same yet the story be changed. Still they follow the same premise. The Marvel Cinematic Universe can also be summed up as rehashing the same formula. Although it works, can also be repetitive and slide passed audiences. I am not asserting my personal opinion on the MCU but rather explaining the correlations and coincidences throughout. I'm not limiting this to just the MCU as many other movies may use the same thing I'm describing but not as successfully or repeatedly as Marvel Studios. Let me begin with 2008's Iron Man and beginning of this beloved universe.

Iron Man

Where it all began. In the film, essentially, a man must defeat and evil business owner who wishes to recreate the world of warfare and takes years to replicate a suit that was years ahead of its time. Iron Man must face the new threat in a huge fight, suit against suit. Now did I just describe Iron Man or the newly released Ant Man. Sure that's a pretty lose description but that's called the blueprint. The plot points of the bad guy are different, the suits are different, and the stories are different between Scott and Tony. But this is repeated through out the marvel studios movies.

The Incredible Hulk

Bruce Banner is infused with Gamma radiation and this becomes the Hulk as we all know. Seeing his power a Military general wishes to control Banner but instead creates his own super soldier in the Abomination. Once again we have another man of extreme power wishing to change the way of war and produces his own replica of it. The Hulk this time instead of a suit. Thus proving the Marvel blueprint for the second time.


Now in Thor, it may not be an evil business man or general brewing the struggle but nonetheless. Loki sees his brother to be crowned king and cannot stand it. In this case you could consider Odin the unintentional pursuer of this rivalry as he unknowingly pits his sons against each other for the crown. Though Loki could be considered the evil business man devising a way to defeat Thor and get his way. Now instead of suit on suit or monsters destroying, you have another equal match of gods.

Captain America

I wonder what happens here. Someone makes a super serum and wants to replicate it? Didn't we just watch Hulk? No this is Captain America, another super serum where it brings out the righteous in Cap and the evil in Red Skull. Another equally matched battle in which good wins. This was again the same blueprint, just replacing characters and story. But keeping in the opposite on opposite fights and essentially being the "same" as any villain would say, "We're not that different, you and I." And they're not besides their intentions and whose side they're on.

Iron Man 2

Back to Iron Man and I can't believe how blatant this rehash it. I believe Honest Trailers on YouTube may have done something with this, and it's, well honest. Iron Mans arc reactor once again finds its way into a evil business mans hands with hopes of cashing in on the change of war style. The bad guy makes a suit (again?) with the technology, fights Iron Man and loses. Thank god Iron Man wasn't exactly the same thing again. '

Ant Man

One of the more recent of the MCU, Ant-Man, is Iron Man. I mean, Ant Man. Seriously? As I explained in the beginning with Iron Man, it's the same blueprint. I don't think I even have to explain this one to anyone who made it this far.


Yep, we're here. The Avengers honestly doesn't take the blueprint from the solo films. Instead it makes a new one for the two group films. Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron. I've talked about AoU before and whether you love it or hate it, it's like rewatching the Avengers. Super villain causes some chaos, the Avengers are called in together to take care of it, go out together and lose a battle together losing their spirit in the process. The fall apart, argue, whine, fight with each other and just when you think it's over, Thank God! They got a peewee baseball pep talk, band back together to take down the baddie and happy ending. Oh, that just described both films? I believe GotG can also fit into this. That's because the blueprints the same. All you have to do is add in some story in those key points and viola.

Ending Argument

Now it may seem like I'm bashing on the MCU. Honestly I'm not. They've been very successful, they're fun films that all ages can enjoy and laugh with. That being said I'm just tired of seeing the same movie being made over and over again with different characters and stories. Its one superhero against the bad guy with the same power, whether it be suit v. suit or super serum v. super serum. Mix it up!


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