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Hi everyone! I would like to talk about the new Flash series. I finished the first season(yes I know I'm late) just a month ago and I must say that for a tv show, it's so exciting to watch! I havnt been this excited to watch a tv show this much since Smallville! I've always loved to see an adaptation for the flash, he's a funny unique character that any comic book franchise would want or need. I must say I was really suprised to see gorilla grodd in this series, at least in a love action adaptation, and the way reverse flash was concepted into the whole series. They may have given his(reverse flash) identity away a little early but they absolutely made up for it close to the end of the season! I love the relationship between Barry and his colleagues, especially Cisco, Cisco brings a unique concept to comedy for the group, kind of like the way Agent Phil Coulson from the Marvel franchise(Avenger etc.) does for the cast of the Agents of Shield, funny but yet knows his stuff. If you have any additions to my post feel free to comment in the section below and I would love to have some discussions about The Flash series or any comic book related franchise! Have a nice day everyone, Live Long and Prosper


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