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With the series premiere of [DC's Legends of Tomorrow](tag:2937021) just around the corner on The CW, I thought I'd take some time and break down the characters who will be making up this new team of heroes and villains alike. 7 days, 7 articles, with a new character in the spotlight each day.

First up? Rip Hunter, the man responsible for bringing all the Legends together.

The Origin Story

Two different iterations of Rip Hunter
Two different iterations of Rip Hunter

Richard "Rip" Hunter first appeared in May 1959 in Showcase #20, created by Jack Miller and Ruben Moreira. The time traveler later appeared in multiple arcs, including his own Time Masters series, Crisis on Infinite Earths, and was involved in the events of Convergence. He was also a main character in the Booster Gold series as Booster Gold's boss and team member. Rip Hunter has undergone some dramatic changes to both his personality and character over the years in conjunction with crisis events, with multiple revisions appearing since his creation. The current iteration of Rip Hunter is much darker and colder than previous versions, but a few qualities always remain the same.

The Powers/Abilities

  • He is a time traveler. Rip Hunter is a Time Master who can manipulate time, traveling forward and backward through it with the use of his Time Sphere device (which has been borrowed by other characters in the DC universe over the years).
  • He is an expert in quantum mechanics. Because, you know...Time Master. Rip is also a skilled scientist, brilliant in the fields of temporal mechanics and quantum theory.
  • He has no actual superpowers. Though he can time travel, he has no actual superpowers or abilities, though he is skilled in basic hand-to-hand combat.
  • Rip Hunter is just an alias. In the Justice Society of America series, writer Geoff Johns revealed that "Rip Hunter" was just an alias, and that Rip's real name and origin were closely-guarded secrets, lest his time-traveling enemies go back in time and kill him as a child.

The Live Action Version

Arthur Darvill as Rip Hunter in Legends of Tomorrow
Arthur Darvill as Rip Hunter in Legends of Tomorrow

In the CW live action show, actor Arthur Darvill will be playing the cunning time traveler. Fans will know him as Rory Williams from Doctor Who, the initially insecure boyfriend to the headstrong Amy Pond who eventually comes into his own as her husband and grows to be a confident (if somewhat bumbling) man of action.

His character in the show is described as a "Han Solo-esque rogue who gets by with his charm, this hero hails from the future, and has journeyed back in time on a secret mission. His razor-sharp wit hides the pain of a man who has lived through serious conflict. He also harbors many secrets, always leaving both his teammates and the audience unsure of his true allegiances."

The Leader

Rip kind of a dick.
Rip kind of a dick.

In an interview from earlier this year at New York Comic Con with, Darvill explained that Rip doesn't initially foster a lot of trust among the team he pulls together:

He’s got his own agenda, and whether that fits into everyone else’s is yet to be seen. I think there are some serious trust issues because he doesn’t like to give anything away and he’s trying to achieve what he wants to achieve. He kind of keeps people on a need-to-know basis and it doesn’t always necessarily work out well.

Later comic versions of Rip have depicted him as being more ruthless and devious, prone to keeping things from people and manipulating them in order to reach his goals. So it appears as if the producers will be borrowing heavily from the more modern comic book version of Rip Hunter for his portrayal in the show.

So that was Rip Hunter! Check back tomorrow when we take a look at Captain Cold and Heat Wave.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, new series Thursday 8/7c on The CW.


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