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Spoiler alert! Do not read this is you have not watched it.

So in a snapshot here is my beef with the new Star Wars: Finn's PTSD and morals are NOT explained well. Yes, this isn't the premise of the movie but it's still annoying.

The First Order is the baddest of the bad and the soldiers are basically programmed robots but some how Finn is an outlier whose training and brainwashing completely failed?

Even in a galaxy close, close to us on the planet Earth children are being taken and turned into horrifying, ruthless killers. But the First Order can't manage to do that? This galaxy is far more sophisticated than our own...

On top of this (being that this GALAXY has ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY...) wouldn't the most organized, evil, force in the galaxy be smart enough to come up with a device that can instantly terminate faulty subordinates? A collar that explodes or a chip that dries spinal fluid....something!

Finn just runs around the movie, frantic, humorous, charming, and loving. Afraid of the hand that feeds him he attempts to run and then fights. In reality he shows us nothing of what being a Storm Trooper is really like. He tells no tales about the abuse he suffered from and he gets PTSD on his first mission. You'd think they would desensitize him with videos of people being slaughtered or use propaganda to have him believe that the First Order is actually making the world a better place? SOMETHING!

If Finn's life was so traumatic and terrible he wouldn't need his first mission to try to escape.....maybe you are shouting "BUT HE NEEDED A PILOT!" Not a good excuse....there are many ways to escape. He's so friendly yet he had not one friend in the entire evil community?


Well one more thing, I also hated that the whole movie was about children who rejected or were rejected by their parents. Finn taken from his parents at a young age who gave up on finding him? Ray abandoned by her parents on a desert planet? Surviving by finding junk so she can make future-swamp-juice and instant, gluten-free, bread? Kylo Ren hating his father because....uh....he wasn't evil enough?

Don't be surprised if the parent-finding-missions are in the next instalment.


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